Skin Ages Faster If Women Sleep with Makeup on


Do you completely remove makeup from the face every time you go to bed? As this woman’ story shows, the lack of such a habit could end very sadly.


Recently in England there has been conducted a study which found that a third of the local women go to bed with makeup on their face at least twice a week. A resident of London, Anna Pursglove, was one of them. She even heard cosmetologists say that without removing make-up from the face you get more than 2 days older every night. Yet simple laziness would not let her remove makeup every night.

Her list of every evening’s actions included loading and unloading the dishwasher, arranging children’s toys, answering emails, laundry, checking children’s homework, preparing school uniforms for the next day and finally dragging out the cat from behind the garage. No wonder that makeup removal was often missed out from the list.

One day, Anna decided to find out if beauticians were right talking about the dangers of regular sleep with makeup on your face. To answer this question, she did not remove makeup before going to bed for a month. She could wash her face every morning in the shower, but she could not use cleansing creams, and a new layer of makeup had to be applied directly to the remnants of the previous.

For an objective evaluation of face changes, she attended the 3D Cosmetic Imaging Studio, where experts made 3D-pictures. The experts’ conclusions after a month shocked the woman – her skin looked 10 (!) years older than before the experiment. That is what sleeping with makeup on and not using cleaners led to. Fortunately, the damage was not permanent – too little time passed.