Pupa Contemporary Butterfly Spring Makeup Collection


Pupa‘s latest spring makeup collection is called Contemporary Butterfly. Today we have the latest and earliest information about the upcoming premiere. Those makeup products are incredibly light and original. The color set consists of three very pure colors – indigo, emerald, and rose.

Pupa Contemporary Butterfly

Naturally, the brand’s famous baked eyeshadows are the collection’s star-products. The eyeshadows are offered in a three-color palette. The three pure colors are:

  • 01 Tulip
  • 02 Wisteria
  • 03 Mint

Pupa Contemporary Butterfly Eyeshadows

Two versions of eyeliner color:

  • 31 Wisteria
  • 32 Mint

Pupa Contemporary Butterfly Eyeliner

Semitransparent white eyeshadow color booster.

Pupa Kohl Kajal Color Intense

Ultra shiny lip-gloss pencil in thee colors:

  • 01 Beige
  • 02 Luminous
  • 03 Fuchsia

Pupa Contemporary Butterfly Lip GLoss

Luminous Luxury Shimmering Powder offers rich pink color and can be used as blush as well.

Pupa Contemporary Butterfly Makeup Collection

The collection presents only ten products, yet they offer unlimited variety of rich images for you to create!

Sources of the images: chicprofile.com, deltacephei.nl.