Magnetic Fake Eyelashes One Two Lashes Bold


Long lush eyelashes at different times were considered attractive and feminine. But now long eyelashes have reached a level of insanity. Everyone wants them. Fake eyelashes look spectacular, but they hurt your own ones. Besides, “self-adhesive” fake eyelashes significantly irritate the mucous membranes. Is there an alternative? There is one. Either you give up artificial beauty or try a novelty from beauty experts – the world’s first magnetic eyelashes.

All the girls who experimented with fake eyelashes at least once probably understood three things: 1) they are hard to apply quickly and smoothly – you need the skill of a trained soldier; 2) the glue can irritate the skin or even break loose from it, removing natural eyelashes as well; 3) they cause addiction, so you want to have them at work and anywhere you go. As you can see, beauty requires certain self-sacrifice – time and the health of your natural eyelashes. At last, the beauty gurus began to think about how to reduce the harm from wearing this fashionable “charm”. So they came up with eyelashes, which do not require any glue. After all, they are attached with the help of magnets.

The new One Two Lash product will help you look attractive in a matter of minutes. After all, these artificial eyelashes are attached even faster than it takes to apply mascara to your own eyelashes. This effect is achieved due to a patented technology. Eyelashes are divided into two halves. Each of them has a fastening strip with a magnet.

One half is applied just above the line of eyelashes, and the second half is attached slightly lower and with the other hand. As a result, they are instantly attracted to each other with the help of magnets, and natural eyelashes are located right in the middle of this sandwich. The video below will explain the process even more vividly:

The manufacturer claims that One Two Lash is fixed reliably and very easily and can be quickly removed without harming your own eyelashes. At the same time, they do not cause any discomfort on the eyelids and look much more natural than the usual “fake stickers”. Of course, their cost is much higher.