New Lipstick Pupa Diva's Rouge


Diva’s Rouge is a new lipstick from Pupa. The Italian brand guarantees that this new product incorporates everything a woman could ever wish for. Nourishing formula is combined with sophistication, variety of colors, and excellent texture.

Pupa Diva's Rouge

So, what do women want, according to Pupa?

  • The very first layer of the lipstick delivers even and bright color on the lips, which become beautifully shaped and full. The lipstick is long-lasting.
  • Sensitive texture softly melts on the lips creating delightful sense of softness.
  • The lipstick’s formula combines lightness, creamy texture, comfort, glow, and moisturizing effect.
  • The new product comes in variety of colors: from pink to purple, from beige to brown, and from orange to red.

Indeed, Pupa knows how to please women!

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