How to Prevent Skin Dehydration after 40?


Aging is inevitable, but everyone treats the process differently. If you make sure that the skin does not need extra moisture, you can make this process less depressing.

Moisturizing masks

The main thing when applying masks is the correct choice of cosmetics, compliance with the instructions, and regular procedures. Masks can be produced in the form of a suspension, gel, tissue or hydrogel. Such masks moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis and produce a quick result. The effect then lasts several hours.

Creams by season

In summer, it is important to use moisturizers, and in winter, the skin must be protected from wind, cold, snow and rain, as well as from dry air in heated rooms. In the cold season, it is advisable to abandon external products with hyaluronic acid. Cold, frost and wind can damage the skin on which such a cream is applied. Choose remedies that promote restoration and hydration, for example, with vitamin B, olive oil and jojoba oil.

What happens to the body when it’s cold outside

Apply day cream 30-40 minutes before going out – you need to do this, even if you just have to reach the car. When you get home, rinse off the cream immediately. Wipe your skin with a tonic an hour or two before bedtime and apply the night cream. Our skin is restored and renewed at night, so it is worthwhile to provide it with the most comfortable conditions at this moment.

Still water

Do not forget to drink clean, non-carbonated water – at least one and a half to two liters per day. Otherwise, neither creams nor professional procedures will be able to give the desired effect. If you drink coffee or tea, you need to drink even more water, since such drinks are diuretics and remove liquid. It is necessary to observe the drinking rules on an ongoing basis, if there are no medical contraindications. It is also important to place a humidifier in the bedroom and, of course, pay attention to your diet. Such products as fish, olive oil, walnuts, and cabbage contribute to maintaining the normal level of skin hydration.

Bio-revitalization and mesotherapy

Hyaluronic acid injections can help mature skin. Injections and their analogues quickly restore the water balance of the skin, tighten and smooth the skin: small wrinkles disappear, the microrelief is leveled. What is the difference between mesotherapy and bio-revitalization? In the first case, a cocktail based on non-stabilized hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin from various substances: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, nucleic acids and antioxidants. For bio-revitalization purposes, pure hyaluronic acid is used.

Beginners are advised to take a course of procedures – at least four sessions with an interval of 7-10 days. The effect of bio-revitalization and mesotherapy will last up to six months. After completing the course, it is worth doing one or two maintenance procedures once a month and a half, and the skin will always be moisturized. You need to select the necessary procedures together with a specialist.

Another injection technique that is ideal for moisturizing aging skin is plasma lifting. In this case, the patient’s own blood plasma is used. The drug from the patient’s own plasma is ideally compatible with tissues, contains many useful substances, and stimulates cell healing.