Hair Care in the Summer: Health and Beauty Tips


We all love those summer days we spend by the pool or on the beach, enjoying the sun and being carefree and happy. They are the best days of the year but they might come with a price when it comes to our hair. In the summer, the heat, the sun, and chlorinated pool water can damage our precious hair and turn it brittle and dry. To avoid that, we had the professional hair photographer AramanYC share with us his tips for summer hair care:

Your hair and the sun

The UV sun rays can damage your hair and skin during the summer. Extended time under the sun not only dries your hair, making it prone to breakage, it also harms your scalp and dries it from any moisture. The best solution is to cover your hair with a hat or a scarf, whenever you are planning to stay under the sun for a while. You can also use a UV protection spray or conditioner to protect your hair even further.

Your hair and swimming

Taking a refreshing dive in the pool after a long, hot summer day might be one of the best feelings in the world. However, your hair might not agree. Pool water dries your hair, yes, but it can also turn your hair green. So before that dive, prep your hair by rinsing it with tap water. Your hair acts like a sponge when it is dry, so giving it a rinse will limit it from absorbing chlorinated water. After you finish swimming, wash your hair with a hydrating conditioner immediately. As for salty sea water, it also dries your hair so rinse it right after you finish your swim with a conditioner and restore the moisture back to it.

Your hair and your diet

A balanced diet is always necessary for your health and your hair’s health. It is even more necessary in the summer. Including iron, Omega 3, protein, zinc and vitamin C in your diet will revive your hair and give the nutrition it needs to survive the heat. They add strength to your hair and refresh your scalp. You are probably sick of hearing this, but also drink a lot of water and fluids to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and healthy.

Your hair and products

You know that dreaded moment, after you spend a couple of hours washing and styling your hair to your liking, then you take one step out in the humid air and FRIZZ. Well, unfortunately, we all do. Pamper your hair with serums, oils, and masks all summer, to limit the frizz as much as possible. Also, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner during the summer to save it from going dry. However, avoid washing it too much because that would strip your hair from its natural oils and leave it to brittle.

Your hair and styling

Summer already strains your hair with its heat, so avoid adding unnecessary heat to it. Air-dry your hair instead of using a hair blower and stop using curling irons and flat irons altogether. Your hair is already dry and these tools will dry it further causing it to break and fall. Opt for natural no-heat hairstyles and enjoy your beautiful healthy hair all summer.