Eye Makeup Tips. Applying Eyeliner


EyeLinerThese days using eyeliners in the daily eye makeup has become very popular – even Hollywood stars do this. Eyes extended to the temples give a woman authoritative and mysterious look. Ideal liner is liquid, in a tube or a bottle. When using the liner you will need light arm movements, but once you master the skill, you will simply not be able to live without it. To learn how to apply eyeliner, use the following tips.

Step 1. Apply Dark Shadows

Apply some black or dark-blue eye shadows along the eyelid line, concentrating mainly on the eye corners. A newbie can make a “rough line” with some powder.

Step 2. Draw the Line

First of all make sure the liner brush does not contain clots of dried dye or some hair. Pull the eyelid with the left hand towards the temple. Make a thin line starting from the outer corner. You can always add some thickness to the line depending on the image you wish to achieve.

Makeup artists use napkin edge as improvised ruler.

Step 3. The Cat’s Eyes Line

If you want to extend the line beyond eyelid bounds, for example, if you want to create the “cat’s eyes” effect, make sure to have some backup. Apply some crumby powder on a sponge or brush and make a line along imaginary liner line. Furthermore, apply the liner along this line; once you are done – brush the left-behind powder with a brush.

You should not extend the line over half centimetre beyond the eye corner since excessive usage of the liner will create theatrical look.

Step 4. Complete the Image with Mascara

To complete the image apply mascara which boosts the eyelashes volume; make sure to apply two layers on eyelashes in the outer eye corner to accent on the lines more.


  1. I love the look that the black eye shadow gives me, but threw out the day it crease, a friend said to put concler on my lid and thne place thet shadow, that works but
    I get black dust or powder on my face from time to time and gets into
    the lines just under my eye making me look like I have dark cicrles, How can I fix
    this. both my boyfriend and eye love the dark look but am I using the wrong make up do i need to use a cream or something eles

  2. Laura, maybe you need to choose the eyeshadow with a less dry texture or just an eyeliner? Also, the quality of your shadow may be not good. Are you sure it’s the eyeshadow and not your mascara that makes you look like a panda?

    Some women apply foundation before using eyeshadows to create the necessary base for the eyeshadow to last longer, but if you only line the eyes with it might be not your case. Anyway, try another producer. You’ll never have this problem with good quality professional makeup.

    Another recommendatin would be to be attentive and find out if you have some “bad” habits, such as rubbing eyes from time to time. What you describe can also happen not because of the wrong makeup, but because your face sweats throughout the day including the under eye zone which leads to those “dark circles” – this is very likely.

    You will probably use some tips from this short story about how to prevent makeup from creasing: http://geniusbeauty.com/make-up/how-to-prevent-eye-makeup-creasing/

    As for me, I always have a couple of Q-tips and an eye makeup remover in a small tube in my bag to be able to fix this. I personally use Pupa Duo Eye Shadow 07 – the black part of the eyeshadow with an angled brush to line the eyes – and it almost never gets under my eyes. Only on hot days.

    Hope, my answer was helpful.

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