Essie Neon & Haute in the Heat Collections


Essie has a lot of new products this summer, but the trendiest shades are in two main lines for summer: Neon Collection and Haute in the Heat Collection.


Haute in the Heat collection is marked by bright colors with cold gloss for very hot days. The most interesting colors are that of milkshake and milk chocolate, and the star product of the collection is crimson nail polish.


The collection contains six new colors:

  • Haute in the Heat
  • Roarrrrange
  • Strut Your Stuff
  • Ruffles & Feathers
  • Fierce No Fear
  • Urban Jungle


The neon collection also contains 6 shades:

  • Too Taboo
  • Chills & Thrills
  • Vices Versa
  • I’m Addicted
  • Sittin’ Pretty
  • Serial Shopper