De Girl Games Review


All of the secret charms of online games that are simple yet cunning and beautiful are disclosed on Degirlgames. It may look pretty ordinary at the first glance, but actually it’s one of those sites that you can safely leave your daughter of any age from 5 or 6 up with – and then go there yourself after a tiring day for five minutes out of pure curiosity and stay there for an hour.

Create Makeup for Angelina Jolie

With personalities from the Bratz crowd and Sailor Moon to Angelina Jolie, game characters will sweep you off into the world where all girlish pleasures are meticulously collected for you to choose from. Jump from cooking to kissing in a secluded corner, from pet caring to artistic aspirations, from puzzles to interior design and feel another age (you will hardly remember what age you are while you are on with every new game. Engaging music, virtual novels, catchy quotations… Oh, and if you find that many of your Facebook pals are patronizing this online game site too, remember that we told you so. For it is a real draw for those who don’t underestimate old-time simple games each with a unique cute twist that can keep you under their sweet spell.

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Source of the image: De Girl Games.