Daphne Guinness for MAC Cosmetics


Having learned that Daphne Guinness would release her personal collection for MAC, many people were expecting something extraordinary – weird colors and unusual design.

MAC collection by Daphne Guinness

But everything proved to be far more prosaic: the shadows, lipsticks and nail enamels happened to be surprisingly practical, despite the fact that the heiress of the brewing empire had been drawing inspiration from “pigeon blood and the UFO”:
I am trying to look like a Japanese woman. But I prefer watercolor and acryl rather than cosmetics… Sometimes I even draw on my face!

I think that the opportunity to transform the way you look is the only sense of human existence.

After much debate and deliberation, Daphne decided to choose the plum, pink, and beige. She was looking for these surprisingly quiet shades with the help of… paints. The MAC representative said:
She came to our office, took out a palette and began to mix shades, diluting them with her saliva. Once she entered the room, it became clear, how tempting she was … It was impossible not to fall in love!

The workers of the brand have fallen in love with Guinness, and we are surely encharmed with her collection, which will be appropriate for creating a daytime and evening makeup, even though it does not surprise the eyes with a variety of colors.