9 Steps to Creating a Nude Makeup for Makeup-free Selfies?


Instagram is full of makeup-free selfies of the celebrities. At least they say they do not do makeup before shooting. A million girls around the world are getting complexes, because they have no such perfect skin, lips, and eyelashes as Miranda Kerr, Beyonce or Kara Delevin.


Do not be ashamed of yourself. In fact, stylists take a lot of effort to create a nude make-up. And that’s how they do it.

Step 1. Give up the foundation

Cosmetics manufacturers insist that natural makeup depends on skin smoothness and youth. And this is achieved with the help of a foundation. However, it is not so. Celebrity makeup artists, on the contrary, recommend giving up the foundation. Instead, you should focus on mild skin exfoliation – it smoothes the skin and adds natural brightness.

Finally, apply an oil-free sunscreen with a matte finish. This will act as a primer.

Step 2. Concealer

This product can not be refused! Use a concealer (corrector) with a brush. A good product will hide any imperfections and redness. Mask dark circles with patting movements of your fingertips. One of the biggest mistakes is the excessive use of concealer on a large area under the eye. In fact, you need to hide only the dark areas under the eyes. How to find it? Tilt your face down and look at yourself in the mirror from under the brows, and you will immediately see these bags that require masking.

Complete the step adjusting your face tone with a translucent powder. Apply it on the T-zone, and start to make up the eyes and lips.

Step 3. Creamy eyeshadow

Choose a shade that is closest to your own skin tone. Apply the creamy eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, it will mask redness or bluishness and will create the effect of wide-open eyes. Shade the product from the lash line up to the eyebrows. It is possible that the eye shadow has a little shimmer – it is even desirable to look cheerful.

Step 4. Highlighter

With one touch you can instantly “open” the eyes and make them brighter. These are light eye shadows in the inner corner of each eye. We do a natural makeup, so the choice of color is important. Champagne color eye shadow (creamy or applied with a damp brush) with a light shimmer can be used as a highlighter.

Step 5. Eyelashes up

Eyelashes shooting up make your eyes even more opened, so curling is mandatory! As for mascara, you need to apply only a single layer of this with a good brush that separates and curls eyelashes (usually a curved brush).

Step 6. Natural eyebrows

It is not necessary to draw eyebrows with a pencil, you only need a brush and an eyebrow gel. Comb your eyebrows up using the eyebrow gel (colorless or of natural brown).

Step 7. Creamy blush

For a natural look, it is better to use creamy blush. It gives the skin a natural glow and an effect of healthy and moisturized skin. Creamy blush can be applied with your fingers or a synthetic brush. Apply a spot of rouge on the most projecting point of the cheekbones, and then blend it back and up to the hairline, maintaining the highest intensity of color in front. Your face will immediately become young and radiant. If you have doubts where exactly to apply the blush, look how your cheeks look immediately after fitness or a small jog. This is a clue how the blush should be applied, if your goal is a natural look.

Step 8. Illumination

Complete the cheekbones makeup illuminating them – highlight the highest point of the cheeks. Better choose a pink creamy or a transparent highlighter.

Step 9. Natural lips

Tinted lip balms in tubes and sticks create the most natural effect on the lips. These products offer an optimal amount of color and are very easy to apply: just squeeze the product from the tube directly on the lips and do not even spread it. If it is in pencil or stick, then it is even easier to use. Tinted lip balms give a light glow, make the lips a little plump and fresh.