Chanel Les Impressions Spring Makeup Collection


Chanel has introduced their new makeup collection Les Impressions. The line looks luxurious and emotional. The promo photos are charming and inspiring.

Chanel Les Impressions

Some of the holiday collections are still being under way, but some brads start looking at the spring season right now. It makes sense because in some places the spring arrives soon after the New Year and girls start looking for new makeup collections as early as in January.

Chanel Makeup Collection

Chanel spring makeup collection is going to be launched early in 2010 in the US.

Chanel Spring Makeup Collection

In the meantime, check a set of promo photos for Les Impressions Makeup Collection by Chanel for spring 2010. It feels like spring looking at them, doesn’t it?

Chanel Spring Makeup

Chanel Makeup

Chanel Les Impressions Spring

Chanel Collection Spring

Chanel Les Imressions Spring Collection

Chanel Makeup Collection Les Impressions

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