Don't Apply Makeup While Driving


Applying makeup while driving is the right way to lose your life or seriously damage the car, and not just your own. According to sociologists, 500,000 traffic accidents occur in the UK yearly because of the women who apply makeup while driving.

Make UP

To draw attention to this problem, Volkswagen experts and the advertising agency DDB Berlin decided to make a social ad. They invited a make up artist Nikki, who has her own channel on YouTube, where she gives lessons in make-up, which enjoy crazy popularity among her fans.

The video takes a little more than a minute and starts with the girl telling how to apply makeup. But, trying to stick a spangle on the eyelid, she gets a strong blow from the back, simulating a push in a car accident. Next, such words appear on the screen:

“500.000 road crashes are caused by women drivers applying make-up. Please, don’t make up and drive”.

The video was called A Crash Course to Shine, built on wordplay. What do you think of it? Do you think carefree ladies will take a note of this caution?