7 Most Important Tips for the Bride on Her Wedding Day


Wedding day is one of the most exciting days in most women’s lives. We have prepared a few tips to help brides look good and feel confident throughout the big day.


1. Choose all makeup products in advance

Since makeup products can cause allergic reactions and behave unpredictably in the heat or cold, you should check them at least two weeks before the wedding.

2. Follow a diet

In the evening before the wedding day, it is better to give up a hearty dinner. However, you shouldn’t starve, either. The best option is a light and low-calorie meal.

3. Have a good sleep

The bride should feel cheerful, and, for this, you need a good night’s sleep. By the way, it is best not to drink anything before bed.

4. Have breakfast

To avoid unwellness and quick intoxication, the bride should not skip the morning meal.

5. Take a lipstick or lip gloss with you

Lip products are quickly erased and “eaten” so take the desired shade of lipstick or lip gloss with you.

6. Prepare a “first aid kit”

The bride should prepare a kit in case of different emergencies, which will include: a mirror, a patch, dry and wet wipes, deodorant, wet towels, perfume, powder, needle and thread, safety pins, antistatic agent, hair spray, aspirin and other medicines the newlyweds might need, mint sweets or chewing gums, personal hygiene products.

7. Take a second pair of shoes without heels

Of course, the official part implies that the bride will walk in high-heeled shoes. However, you’d better go on having fun in flat shoes. Buy ballet flats matching the dress, so that after you change your shoes, the image remains beautiful and harmonious.