4D Nail Enamel by Accessorize


What is 4D nail enamel like? This is another innovation for the homemade manicure, developed in 2012. The details are scarce so far, but we do know something about it.

4D Nail Polish by Accessorize

Accessorize has created sets for 4D-nails. Each set consists of a nail enamel of a base color and a bottle with colorful micro-beads. There are four different palettes.

If the caviar manicure suggests monochrome nails, here one gets a great variety. It remains to expect other options of the 4D-nail enamel, not only with beads, but with other, more fancy shapes.

4D nail enamel by Accessorize comes in the Stardom, Idol, Lilac Sorbet, and Paparazzi shades.