16 Weird Makeup Tricks That Do Work


Sometimes people, especially women, do very strange things for the sake of beauty. However, there are really effective tips among them. Here they are.

1. Mermaid makeup

It turns out, a fishnet stocking can help you create unusual, brilliant and very effective makeup that imitates scales on your face. To do this, simply put the stocking over your head and apply glitter eye shadow on top of it. Such an extravagant makeup is perfect for theme parties or a fairy-tale photo shoot.

2. Eye makeup “rays”

It is a very original eye makeup, which can be done with the help of thin strips of sticky tape and several shades of bright eye shadow. Such unusual makeup will probably appeal to lovers of experiments and perfectly complement the festive look.

3. Glitter eyelids

Glitter makeup is the main trend this year. You can create it using sequins and a special top coat. However, do not despair, if you do not have special products. Alternatively, you can use a regular chapstick or a transparent lip gloss. Just apply the glitter on your eyelids in a thin layer and then decorate them with sequins using a brush.

4. Colored mascara

It turns out, you do not need to go to a store to get a fashionable colored mascara. You can make this product on your own, using a colorless or white mascara and dry eye shadows of any color. Just crumble a little eye shadow, add them to the mascara and mix thoroughly.

5. A tool for nail polish removal

Using a regular sponge and a small jar, you can make a cool tool for quick nail polish removal. Just cut the hard top off the sponge, place it in a small jar so that it fills up all the space and pour a little nail polish remover. Then, everything is simple – put your finger into the jar for a few seconds and get a perfectly clean nail.

6. Nail repair

An ordinary tea bag will help to quickly repair a broken nail. To begin with, cut out a small piece of tissue from the bag, cover the nail with colorless nail varnish or drop a special glue on it and attach the piece to the damaged area. Then cover the nail with a layer of transparent nail polish and apply colored nail polish on top.

7. Thick eyebrows trick

Take a clean and dry mascara brush, carefully rub it with soap, comb your eyebrows and make them up as usual. This trick will make the hairs thicker, and the eyebrows will look bushier. However, it is worth noting that you should take natural soap for such manipulations, otherwise there is a risk of irritation and skin dryness. And, of course, beware of getting caught in the rain.

8. Makeup sponge

Regular sponge for washing the dishes can replace a special makeup sponge. You just need to cut off the hard part, cut the desired piece and use it for applying and blending makeup products.

9. New look

It turns out that bundles of artificial eyelashes can be glued from another side, as well. This unusual method of application helps to create a spectacular fantasy image and makes the look expressive and memorable.

10. Perfect complexion

When applying foundation, draw a three starting from the mid-eyebrow, passing the inner corner of the eye and ending in the middle of the jaw. Do the same with a dark foundation at the outer corner of the eye. Thoroughly blend the products with a brush or sponge. This trick will quickly create a very natural skin tone.

11. Lipstick repair

A broken lipstick can be repaired with a lighter. To do this, heat the bottom part of the broken lipstick with a lighter, then do the same with the other piece. Be careful not to overheat the lipstick, otherwise, it will melt. Connect the two heated parts, gently go over the joint with a brush, and then put the lipstick into the fridge.

12. Simple manicure

With the help of a toothbrush and a couple of bright nail polishes, you can create bright and original nail designs. Such simple drawings will help to diversify usual manicure or conceal the defects of a one-color coating.

13. Shaving products

Forget about shaving gel. Instead, use any oil. It will help the razor slide well, moisturize the skin and prevent irritation after shaving.

14. Foot bath

To get beautiful and well-groomed feet, prepare a foot bath once a week: two cups of warm water, a cup of vinegar and a cup of any mouthwash.

15. Neat manicure


Apply a small amount of vaseline on cuticles before you start painting your nails. This trick will allow you to protect the skin from contact with varnish and get a neat manicure.

16. Eyebrow fixation

You shouldn’t spend money on special products for eyebrow styling. Replace them with a usual hairspray. Spray it on a clean mascara brush and go over the eyebrows with it.

Some more beauty hacks: