Work From Home As A Bingo Chat Host


When it comes to a bingo players’ ideal job description, working as a bingo room chat host no doubt ticks the boxes for many; working from home, choosing your own hours, having fun and taking part in your favourite past time all whilst getting paid for it! It can perfectly fit in around a family, and even if you are a stay at home mum or dad it is a fantastic and sociable way to earn a little bit extra, perhaps to help pay off the mortgage, buy a treat for the kids or help pay for Christmas or summer holidays.


Whatever your reason for considering working at a chat host, there are a few top tips to consider before taking the plunge.

Communication Skills

Being able to chat and keep conversation going, not just with your regulars but amongst the newbies in the room is crucial; everyone needs to feel instantly welcomed and comfortable to get involved. Being clear and direct with an element of humour is the ideal way to be when working as a chat host.

Computer Skills

A quick typing ability is key to keeping up with your players. There may be many players all having different conversations, with some asking you questions all whilst your regulars and newbies enter the game as well. Can you keep up? Along with speedy fingers it may help you to be literate in Word, Excel and perhaps also a macro programme. Anything which can strengthen your understanding, not just of the job but also of the organisation skills and technology that goes on behind the scenes.

People Skills

Chatting is one thing, but when it comes to chat room squabbles, your inner counsellor/enforcement officer may have to make the occasional outing. Whether the issue revolves around a customer service let down or another player bullying them, you can be sure that if one of the players has a negative experience in your room, on your watch, then they will be shouting it from the rooftops on social media, and perhaps even complaining to your boss. You must be able to nip any issues or potential issues in the bud asap which will mean keeping an eye out for any trouble brewing up as the game goes on – the ability to multitask is crucial!

Mathematical Skills

Being able to do long division may not be necessary, but keeping numbers straight is. There are a lot of figures in bingo, and coming across as totally ‘on the ball’ is a must if your chat room is to remain under your control so keep your memory sharp and your mind on the job at all times.

Bingo Skills

Naturally this is an important element of the job, but whilst it may be in your favour when going for the role it is not the be-all-and-end-all either. In fact enthusiasm and an ability with people can just as easily win you the role, so don’t be put off if bingo isn’t your number one past time. Whilst you will have to understand your own games and the promotions going on in your rooms, it is the same with any job; you pick up new skills as you go along. If you consider that the games and promo’s must be simple enough to be picked up in a matter of minutes by a bingo novice then you shouldn’t have any trouble. What you must understand is the company’s terms and conditions, rules of conduct and have an overview understanding of how the various promotions work across the site.

Remember, as a chat host you are not there to play bingo and relax – that is what the players do! You are there as their number one customer service contact, the ‘all knowing master’ of the room and you are there to represent the company with cheery banter whilst ensuring the room runs smoothly, the players have fun and that they come back for more next time.

So, if you’re looking to get involved and apply for a job as a bingo chat host then we recommend that you check out a range of sites and see what opportunities are available. There are always jobs going for the right candidate and you can find a list of many of the more reputable online bingo operators at sites like this to help you get an idea of where to apply.