Top 5 High Paying Work from Home Jobs


Everyone loves working from home as it offers a lot of freedom in the sense of time management and also helps in allocating a good amount of family time.However, there is a general misconception that usually the jobs which are work from home does not pay a good remuneration, but that is not the case for the 5 jobs listed below.

1: Computer Software Engineer

With the enormous growth in the IT sector, jobs in the computer field are abundant and are quite easy to find. The median salary for a Computer Software Engineer is approximately around $85,000 and it offers a wide range of fields we can choose from that is a tester, a developer, and a designer. Furthermore, this kind of jobs does not require the employee to visit the company regularly but might have to meet the prospective clients once in a blue moon to finalize the requirements of the software or web that the employees create.

2. Online Teaching

With the growing influence of the internet on today’s generation, people are turning to the internet to learn any new things. Thus enabling a lot of people to take up to the role of an online teacher. All you need for doing such a role is good knowledge of the subject you are about to teach, a good webcam and a quiet room. Online teachers make an average of $75,000 annually.

3. Bloggers and Authors

Bloggers and authors usually tend to work from home as one can only write good articles or book when one feels inspired rather than under pressure of a superior. They have a wide variety of jobs to choose from such as content writer, online blogger, an author and much more. The salary of bloggers and writers solely depend on the quality of articles and books they write.

4. Public Relation Specialist

A company’s reputation is the soul of any company, as reputation either makes or breaks a business. With such an important part of the company, a public relation specialist can easily make up to $ 60,000 while working on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Quora. Their work is to help the company maintain a positive image of the company and help promote different facets of the company.

5. Marketing and Survey researcher

A company can only grow if they can correctly analyze the needs of the customers and in order to do so, they require the marketing and survey researcher. The role of such a person would be to understand the latest trends and suggest the company of different ways to cater the needs of the customer. They usually take home a hefty sum of $65,000 annually.

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