Office Workers’ Lunches Set Them Back £2,000 Every Year


A yearly £2,000 – recession or no recession – is the amount the average British office toiler drops when he/she feels like enjoying a bite off a sandwich. A survey of 3,000 workers carried out by Superdrug came up with this figure which was called “a massive spend” in the comments.


Buying sandwiches, soup or fruit means that more than 30 per cent of British workers pay approximately £4 per day for their lunch which comes up to £986.40 per year.

Many of them like to chew at a baguette in between, which results in stumping up another £1.33 running up to the weekly sum of £6.65 or £319.20 yearly.

It is a habit with 10 per cent workers to buy themselves breakfast that adds £14.05 to their weekly expenses.

5 per cent prefer to walk out to a café or a restaurant for their meals.

When asked why they buy their lunch, 36 per cent of the polled said they found it a drag to prepare meals at home, even if it’s just a sandwich – which, by the way, is the first thing that occurs to them when the lunch break is drawing near. Almost 70 per cent go straight for sandwiches. The second favorite choice is salad, showing a preponderance of healthy-minded citizens, then come a baguette and soup.

Other popular lunch choices include fruit, pasta, potatoes in jackets, some cereal. Quite a number of workers take leftovers from their suppers along.

A spokesman for Superdrug, saying that “it is understandable that Brits want a nice lunch to look forward to when they have been working hard all morning,” went on to point out that there are ways to get a good meal for less than £2,000 a year which deserve to be considered.

Source of the image: Photl.