5 Signs You Underestimate Yourself


You probably have heard repeatedly about how bad it is to lack self-confidence. However, it is not so simple to understand whether your self-esteem is too low.

Unhappy person

5 key questions to help you assess the level of self-esteem.

  1. Can you safely accept a compliment addressed to you, without excusing and denying your benefits?
  2. Are you afraid that somebody will disclose your true value one day? For example, they will learn that you are not so smart as you seem.
  3. Can you quickly name five qualities for which you love yourself?
  4. How do you react to an offer to do something new? Do you begin to apologize and predict failure or say and think that you will handle the problem after you reflect on it?
  5.  What do you say to yourself when you have to face the challenge?

Answers to these questions will help you see easily how strong your faith in your own power is.