4 Kinds of Procrastination


Even though you are dead sure you can face challenges and cope with them, does it follow that you do not practice the gentle art of procrastination now and then? Or maybe it happens by itself when you least notice it? As pointed out in a research on procrastination by Timothy Pychyl, Ph.D., there are certain moments that hold out an irresistible temptation. But the habit is not so innocuous as you may believe. With the passing of time you may find procrastination is eating into your health and relationship. Some kinds are especially evil, like these:


Sex procrastination kind

You’re so exhausted by the evening that sex seems superfluous. You would be glad if it happened tomorrow instead of tonight. Is it the first time?
Countermeasure: fix a hot date. It may sound trite, but once you’re in, you are sure to enjoy it!

Phone conversation kind

Is it your mummy or your BFF who just can’t cease talking on your phone? You are waiting for a chance to put a word in the edgeways, but it doesn’t come…
Countermeasure: Before you start a conversation, warn her that you have things to do in about 20 minutes.

Sleep depriving kind

Your greatest problem is to quit your computer/iPhone and go to sleep. Just s little more time on Instagram – hey, it’s a long time past midnight!
Countermeasure: set an alarm to limit your online time and have a good night’s rest.

Medical appointment procrastinating kind

You don’t want to hear when and how often you should have come there. What’s the use?
Countermeasure: brace yourself to stop at the checkup and fix the next appointment before you leave.