10 Myths about Creative People


All creative people have at least once faced the myths and prejudices about themselves and their job. It is time to dispel them!

scream, conflict, argue

1. All creative people are promiscuous drinkers

In all the movies about advertisers, PR managers, or artists, the protagonists take drugs, live in clubs, and have sex with everybody who is willing. Needless to say, there are such people, but they are more frequently found among middle-level managers.

2. All creative people are vulnerable and gentle creatures

Be careful with this myth! Many creative people are so harsh that on your request to change fonts they can throw you out the window. Moreover, if you decide to tell an anecdote about a designer among big bearded men, thinking there cannot be one among them, you run a high risk to be thrown out the window for the second time.

3. Creative people sleep at work

Indeed, large companies like Google have lounges with sofas, which you can use during business hours. However, few people sleep there – it is rather a way to curl up with a laptop and think about the project. Many more people sleep in their black office chairs in large corporations.

4. Creative people wear red sneakers, a sweater with deer, and carry a MacBook

In fact, some do, but it has nothing to do with their creative abilities. This is a fad, because creative people are usually young people who like to dress fashionably. However, you can not tell many of the best designers or advertisers from a middle school teacher or a manager at a logistics company.

5. A creative person does everything unconventionally

Many believe that in everyday life creative people behave unconventionally In fact, creative people also do household chores, and they have no desire to come up with creative ways to pay their electricity bills, or to write a script for a trip to the country.

6. All creative people work in the spheres of film production or advertising

Well, it would be great if movie business or advertising agency had at least a third of creative staff. Vice versa, many creative people works as lawyers, firefighters, or managers at large companies, and come up with such cool ideas that many “creative” people never dreamed of.

7. Creative people cannot spare money

Many people think that creative people often make hasty expensive purchases, lose big sums in casinos and forget about debts. However, many writers, designers, actors, and singers work as legal person and do bookkeeping themselves. They will count their royalties mentally faster than you will with a calculator.

8. All creative people are homosexuals

It is one of the most common myths. Producers, designers, actors, writers, artists – as many people believe – are all engaged in a homosexual relationship. In fact, there are not more of such than in any other profession.

9. Creative people smoke and drink liters of coffee

This image is imposed by sellers of coffee and cigarettes, as well as films about creative people who smoke and drink a lot of coffee.

10. Creative people do not know how to manage their time

When you have a presentation of the project at 10-00, a casting 15-30, a briefing at 19-20, and shooting starts at 00-30, you will be bound to learn to manage your time. Creative people often have irregular schedule, and they are forced to do personal time management.

Good luck! And do not sleep at work! If anyone mentions drugs to you again, just show them this article.