Weirdest Phenomena in Humans


These people are different from everyone else. Nobody would want to be in their shoes.


  1. Lipodystrophy, or complete absence of subcutaneous fat, has become a real punishment for the 59-year-old Mr. Perry (UK). He can eat anything – fat donuts, cakes, desserts and does not put on a gram – his body instantly burns any fat, making the skin fit close to the muscles causing a lot of discomfort. As a child, he used to be very overweight, but at the age of 12, he lost weight and since then any attempt to gain weight has been useless.
  2. The 24-year-old Sarah Carmen, a resident of the UK, suffers from permanent sexual arousal syndrome and experiences 200 orgasms a day from any vibrations during a trip in rush hour or a bike ride. However, this only brings her suffering.
  3. The 48-year-old Wim Hof ​​from Denmark can swim in Arctic waters, climb Mont Blanc in shorts, and sit in the freezer for hours. Doctors have not been able to understand the mystery of this body, but Wim feels comfortable only at low temperatures, many of which are harmful to any normal person.
  4. Ashley Morris from Melbourne cannot take a shower or a bath. Just a drop of water even if it is sweat, leads to a painful and severe allergic rash. Experts say that Ashley has a very rare form of allergy – water urticaria. Only a few such cases have been recorded in the world.
  5. A 40 -year-old woman M remembers everything that she has seen in the past 25 years. she can describe in detail what kind of people she met on the street when she was walking to the store on 1 October 1987, how they were dressed, what brands of cars she came across, and even their numbers plates. Her unique, uncontrolled memory provides 100% accuracy of information storage.
  6. The 17-year-old Natalie Cooper is a mystery to the medicine. Her body is not able to digest any food except Tic Tacs. She eats at least 900 mints a day.
  7. Musician Chris Sands from Lincoln has been hiccuping for 20 years. Hiccups do not stop for a minute, even if he is asleep. Neither folk remedies, nor yoga or hypnosis helps the poor fellow.
  8. Young Englishwoman Kay Underwood faints at any strong emotions. Laughter, anger, fear or crying – and she is already unconscious. She can faint up to 40 times a day.
  9. An Englishwoman Debbie Bird is allergic to high-frequency radiation and radio waves. Radio, cell phones, microwaves, wireless internet, etc. cause her itchy rash, swelling of the face and eyelids, which become three times bigger.


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