Sperm Donor Gadget for Lazy Men


Hands-free sperm donor gadgets appeared in Chinese hospitals. Everything happens automatically, and donors are just shown a video during this process.


For several decades, the process of sperm donation in specialized clinics and banks has been approximately the same. The donor receives a jar, goes into a special room where he is offered videos and magazines with “hot” content to help get aroused and experience an orgasm. The resulting material is given to the nurse; sperm donors receive a material reward and go home.

However, Chinese hospitals have made this process automatic by introducing a gadget for hands-free semen retrieval. The gadget looks somewhat similar to a self-service payment terminal. It has a massage pipe, where a man needs to insert his penis. The device adapts to the donor’s height.

In addition, the sensors allow the user to manipulate frequency, amplitude, speed and temperature. The device is equipped with a screen that demonstrates various videos to inspire the donor. However, why was it necessary to change the good old process? According to the director of the urology department, this gadget is designed specifically for men with infertility issues, who find it difficult to extract sperm in a usual way.

The website advertising the gadget costing $2,800 states that it gives patients “very comfortable feeling.”