Kylie Minogue's Butt Appears in a Racy Commercial


Jennifer Lopez is not alone to protect and take care of her rounded forms. It goes that Kylie Minogue also decided to follow the example of Jen and insured her “butt” for five million dollars.

Kylie Minogue

And for everyone to see that the 44-year-old singer has something to be proud of, she starred in a provocative commercial for an insurance company. The video was shot by British artist Katerina Jebb.

The simple plot of the movie, shot in black and white colors, is reminiscent of the beginning of some low-budget erotic thriller. However, the main character here is the star of the world pop scene Kylie Minogue, who gracefully enters the hall, smiling at the camera, and then turns her back to the viewers to ascend the stairs.

Then we get an amazing picture: the cut of the dress is much lower than one can imagine – Kylie has nothing to hide! The voice explains:

“Are all your assets fully covered? Protect and cover the things that are most dear to you. “

Now we know what Kylie thinks to be dear!

Watch the full commercial starring Kylie below: