Female Drivers – Funny Video


I don’t like egoistic drivers and I hate it when people are trying to park for too long or occupy two parking places instead of one or park in a way that other cars can’t get through the narrow space left. People say, women are most often the drivers who do all this. There is a scientific explanation of this phenomenon, but today I’m not going to tell you about it, but share a very funny video showing how women drive, park and destroy everything, first of all their cars. Thank God, I can both drive and park well 🙂


  1. disgusting and sexist you should be ashamed. some of those videos were totally ambiguous as to sex anyway. fucking dickhead.

  2. Emma, sexism “refers to the belief or attitude that one gender or sex is inferior to or less valuable than the other” (wikipedia). I never said that one women are inferior to men. Moreover, how could I mean this, I’m a woman. I really hear it often that exactly women in general park and drive worse than men. That’s what people say. You can see that these drivers from the video are really women. And the way they drive and park is both funny and tragic. I’m sure, if you search you will be able to find lots of videos of men parking stupidly.

    Don’t focus on the bad things like sexism, it makes people rude. Just smile! The video is so funny!

  3. Yo emma, go fuck yourself ! That video was neither disgusting nore sexist at all. And don’t call them dickheads, i believe you just escaped from the mental hospital, then jumped off the top of a sky scraper and landed on your head! What’s wrong with u woman? Oh wait a minute, ur a man! U FUCKING TRANVESTITE SON OF A SPERM FACED CUNT!!!

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