British Women Opt for Designer Vaginas


British women are increasingly ordering “designer vaginas”, according to intimate plastics experts. The demand for this operation is steadily growing.


Over the past 12 months on the search engine, which helps plastic surgeons’ potential patients to choose hospitals, the demand for labioplasty (elimination of cosmetic flaws of labia minora and majora) rose by as much as 109%. Search engine already delivers 48 clinics offering such a procedure, which has become the third most popular in the country.

‘Often, that’s down to coverage on TV show such as Embarrassing Bodies or in newspapers or magazines. The increase in interest in the procedure is particularly pronounced over the last six months.’

Meanwhile, the controversy over the procedure between specialists has been going on for years. The creation of “designer vaginas”, a tool to increase women’s self-confidence, is often called an unfortunate consequence of modern culture, fixed on sex and porn. Meanwhile, all surgical operations, including this one, bear the risk of complications that can be discussed prior to the procedure.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Banwell from Banwell Clinic thinks the statistics reflect a general trend in plastic surgery. In his clinic, he sees a much stronger growth in demand for labioplasty – up to 200% in 12 months. But he says it is not connected only with the universal glamor. Half of the patients resort to labioplasty because of the discomfort and problems in sports, cycling or horse riding. The other 50% do labioplasty for aesthetic reasons and enhancing self-confidence.