Bizarre Dog Haircuts


Sandra Hartness living in Yucca Valley, California, is stylist, but for her creative work she uses animals instead of humans as models. Her poodle Cindy is a “walking advertisement” for her works. The haircuts Sandra created for her are always colorful, creative and so bizarre! These designs made Cindy win prizes in many competitions.

Poodle Cindy and Her New Haircut

Cindy was shaved, fluffed, colored.

Sandra Hartness and her Poodlle Cindy

She resembled everything: from ninja turtle…

Ninja Turtle Cindy

…to camel.

Camel Cindy

And each Cindy’s haircut was a masterpiece.

Chick Cindy

Cindy was even a dinosaur.

Gradon Cindy (Or Not Cindy?)

I only hope, what Cindy went through didn’t harm her in any way.

Flower Cindy

What a stylish dog! Celebrity pets, envy!

Peacock Cindy


  1. This is absolutely terrible how this woman poisons her own dog with all the hair dyes etc! It should be forbidden by the law!

  2. *note*
    most dyes used for animals are nontoxic and not at all the same as what people use one their own hair. Most of these dyes are made of the same coloring you find in foods. I dye my white dog often using Kool-aid. Not only is he cute and colorful, but he smells nice too. Don’t go getting upset every time you see a doggy that’s been colorized. It’s not like they have been spray-painted.

  3. I think before people become conerned about “cruelty” and think that a dog is being harmed they should take the time to understand that the process. If you don’t understand you can not make assumptions. As was said above me it’s not like they are grabbing a can of spray paint and putting it on their dog so I would suggest making sure that before accusing someone facts are in order.

  4. youre just another Elmira(looney tunes) you just dont get the point! animals arent there as play things or objects built for men’s sillyness, stupidity, or whatever you think justifies what youre doing! if you want to do something crazy, do it to someone who can verbally agree, to someone who can give their full consent. do it on people who wont possibly feel degraded or undignified because its what they want given an option! otherwise, do it to yourself or on things but please not on animals who cant verbally agree or disagree!

    for God’s sake! if someone did something really outrageous and unnatural to you without your consent, that makes that someone “inhumane” or just plain power tripping. (oh yeah, why not do it to the dog cause dogs dont complain. Oh! maybe they do. but i wont understand it. so might as well do it to the poor dog, he cant do anything about it, im free to do whatever i want!)

    and kitty! what the F are you talking about?!?! understand? assumptions? alright! you better explain! what process? dont you think more on the process, w/c is also a concern by the way, a very big concern, the matter is really about about the welfare of the dogs and the way they are treated (or rather mistreated). newsflash: the problem isnt really about the process of you trashing those dogs but your perception of dogs and how you thought you have the right to “use” them when all the while they have no consent or control of what youre doing to them!

    and as to your pity excuse of ” it’s not like they are grabbing a can of spray paint and putting it on their dog”, so whats it like, huh? floor is yours explain away! …facts in order sh*t…

  5. I agree poor poodles! do you see all the extra attachment on them to? like the peacock one with all the feather?!? god this is so crazy

  6. im a hair stilyst and make up artist photographer…and i LOVE AL OF YOUR WORK…CONGRATULATION WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW FAB FAB FAB…AND MORE all tthe other coment bad ones are just bla bla bla bla , bla ,bla ,bla….

  7. I really like the flower one. super cool! (p.s. i think people are going a little nutty over this. the dogs don’t mind, right? whenever i my aunt katy does it (she was a vet i think) it’s totally non-toxic and the dogs feel pretty afterward. it raises their confidence. 🙂 people just don’t get it when they post comments to you saying that you do horrible things. You’ve got a special talent, and they’re just jealous. i’m very proud of you.^^)

  8. AMAZING, creative work! The dog doesn’t seem to mind (although I am quite concerned from some of the crazy people who posted on this site about the so-called cruelty.) These people need to recognize that dogs are animals, not humans. Trust me, if a dog is angered or humiliated by something, they won’t do it…they bite, they squirm, wiggle, freak out, bark, run away and all kinds of other behavior. Just because dogs can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t have a say in the matter!

  9. I’m a groomer, and I do this. BOAN: The process goes as this; first the recieve a brushing/haircut, then they get a massaging bath, they then get blown dry, a little trimming, and then the color is applied. (depending on the method of color) It is either maticulously painted on by hand, or blow on with small blow pens that are similar to those that you can but for children to color with. Don’t you feel better after getting you head cleaned, trimmed, and colored? Human chemicals smell horrible compared to the environmental safe products used on dogs. BTW, DOGS ARE COLOR BLIND! Nor do they have very good depth perception: meaning they don’t know they have indentions in their hair. Also, every dog that I
    ve seen with either a recent bath, new groom, or fabulous color on them has had their nose in their, head standing tall, and a whole lot of pep in their step. You apparently don’t know the process nor do you understand anything about the responsibilities of pet owners. And it seems that you DON’T have a degree in dog psychology, so you really don’t know anything about how a dog feels….right? Anyway, just to be clear, they are happier dogs when they’re groomed regular.

  10. It’s so cute! If the dye is bad for dogs then why won’t the Government ban it themselves? I think it’s gorgeous! And people who lack info about dye with natural ingredients are missing alot in their lives hahahaahah!!

  11. Those are very amazing hair cuts. I have a black Standard poodle, and I wish there were hair colors that I could use on her. I would love to try to do some creative grooming on her.FOR YOU GUYS AGAINST CREATIVE GROOMING… Hair diys for dogs are very safe for them if you use them properly. Some of you people dont know what your talking about my dog LOVES to be on the grommming table and have a bath. She is a very Pridefull dog after getting grommed. do you think an owner that cares very much about there dog would pay to have something like this done? Its very expensive to have a groomer do it. If the dogs did not enjoy being groomed or even know what grooming was all about(not groomed on a regular basis) believe me that dog would not stand there long enough to even get those kinds of cuts or color. so calm down and enjoy an artist at work. fyi groomers Love dogs thats why they do what they do. the real worries should be all those back yard breeders and puppy mills… thats mistreating a dog. Theres so much more in this world going on way worse than putting some coloring in a dogs hair.

    So to all you artist out there keep up the good work. They look awsome.

  12. I completely agree with Boan. Dogs are animals, not toys. Grow up &mess around with your own hair!

  13. Petsmart sells coloring made for pets. If so weird and unnatural just think when you use dog toothpaste,cut your dogs hair,put sweaters on dogs to keep warm this isn’t dogs original way of life. I don’t dye my dogs hair or anything unusual. But to each their own. It’s not harming the dogs,educate yourself talk to modern vet. I would never personally put anything on my dogs whether hair color,flea products,things that could affect health without first making sure meant for my dogs,i usually ask vet and he is always happy to help -my dogs and ferret part of mine and my children life’s,I wouldn’t jeopardize them:O) The dog specific hair color has been around for years. When people say that the dog specific hair color is poising dogs,they just sound so uneducated. Do research through legit veterinarians, before making your witch trail people.

  14. Boan, Kitty is right, so many of negative opinions are based on assumptions, and I’ve just about heard them all.

    The dog does have consent. It behaves. It is not trained to do so. It does it because it likes it. It likes being pampered and groomed. These are poodles we are talking about, they are high maintenance. Sure, there are some that don’t like the grooming at all, and we do know, and we CAN tell when they DON’T like it. *We don’t color those dogs*. Personally, I can’t keep my dog out of my shop. She jumps up on the table. She gets jealous when I groom my other dog. The dog doesn’t know how it is suppose to be groomed and it doesn’t know it’s being colored. It doesn’t look at the TV and think that it looks like a football player, or a camel. It just knows it got groomed and it feels good, and people are giving it attention. The other dogs don’t treat them any differently. Only ignorant humans do.

    Many people assume that we must make them stand on the table for hours. it can take up to 60 hours to do this, but that is 60 hours, over 3-4 months time. I usually work on my dog for 3-4 hours, every other week. She has to get bathed every 2 weeks anyway, just to keep her clean and healthy. Properly bathing and drying a standard poodle can take anywhere from 2-3 hours. The creative stuff usually only adds an hour onto their regular groom time. Keep in mind that we are professionals. We use the correct equipment, tools and have the schools to work quickly and efficiently.

    The only reason it’s illegal in some states is because long ago, people use to color baby chicks and bunnies, then abandon them in droves when the novelty wore off. Many laws state “it is illegal to dye fowl or rabbit” and then some added “or any other animal” some added “or any other animal for sale” so as long as you are not going to sell the dog, you can color it. These dogs are in no danger of being abandoned. Just to be SURE that it is not harmful, I have blood yearly and sometimes bi-yearly blood tests done. My vet confirms there is no harm caused. I have 2 friends who also color their own dogs… AND THEIR VETS DOGS get color too.
    Do you know why so many groomers don’t think this is cruel, and are defending it? Because they have seen REAL cruelty. They have seen dogs with maggots, dogs so matted that their coats come off like pelts, and dogs left out in the yard all year, with seeping ear infections, only to be groomed so their owners can take them to the vet and pretend that they take care of them. And guess what? That’s not illegal, which is truly sad.

    These dogs do not walk around looking like this all the time. Most people go to 3 shows a year, the color fades with bathing. The other 362 days of the year, they are just dogs. They catch ball, chase cats, play in the mud, swim in the pool and sleep on my couch.

    I have 1 dog I color, and 1 dog I don’t, because he is 8 and due to bad breeding, has many congenital problems. But if I walk him, I usually add some color to his ears… Why? Because if I walk him as a white poodle, no one stops to pet him. But if I just just add a little green to his, 10 people will stop and 3 will take pictures and he loves THAT.

    We don’t treat them like toys, we treat them like dogs, like our partners, and we couldn’t do it if they objected. We love them. I don’t really give a crap about what some ignorant human thinks. the only thing that matters is if my dog likes it or not.

    There ya go!

    And thanks to all of you who gave the benefit of the doubt, or could see that these dogs are well loved, taken care of and happy.

  15. As a completely new pet owner I welcome all the information and facts in this article. I would like my puppy to get properly trained and have a healthful environment to live in. Bless you for the info.

  16. As a groomer, I know that those dogs are not exposed to anything toxic and that they probably live alot better than most of us people! They dyes are all vegetable dyes, there is nothing in them that hurts that dogs.

  17. This is so cute and yes, bizarre too. I will never get a similar hair cut for my dog.

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