One of Ancient Monsters Turned Musical – the Hydra Piano


Assumedly inspired by this modern incarnation of some minor (or major?) Greek mythology figure cum singer, Lady Gaga, and struck by a gross inadequacy of the pianos he saw on the stage by her side, designer Apostol Tnokovski hit upon the idea of making a piano monster that would look in the right key. (If Lady Gaga ever spots it and gets enchanted by its curves, of course.)

Hydra Piano

Hydra Piano

Casting about for an appropriate image, he picked up the Hydra which eventually gave his piano a name and a shape (assumedly again). His white musical monster certainly doesn’t look like something out of the XXI century, and some may even half-expect it to pounce upon the player, but let’s suppose it will only happen if the wretched musician hits the wrong key.

Hydra Piano

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