11 Fun Facts about Men & Women


You have probably noticed fun gestures that are unique to women. But there are those which you have never paid attention to. We offer 15 facts about women, which will make you smile and nod your head affirmatively not once.

Man and woman

  1. When a woman yawns, she covers her mouth with her hand, not a fist.
  2. A woman never takes off a T-shirt, grabbing it on the back.
  3. When being called, the woman turns her head only, while the man turns the whole body.
  4. An empty-handed woman feels uncomfortable. She definitely needs to hold something in her hands – a bag, a book, or any other accessory.
  5. Women come down from a hill sidewise, while men straddle.
  6. Women do not talk to their genitals or give them humorous nicknames.
  7. When on the hot sand, a woman walks on tiptoes, a man – on his heels.
  8. Women do not straddle on a chair.
  9. Women close their ears with fingers. Men do it with their hands.
  10. While having sex, a woman thinks about how she looks in bed.
  11. When asked to show hands, men show the palms. Women hold out their hands palms down, probably to demonstrate the manicure.