Using Carpets as Part of a Luxury Interior


When people think about a luxury room, it is highly unlikely that the floor will be covered in anything other than carpet. Wooden floors are sometimes considered an example of aspirational design, but they cannot compete with carpets when it comes to the aesthetic effect. For that reason, carpets tend to be the first choice for people seeking to create a feeling of sumptuous luxury.


It is fair to say that most people assume that true luxury can only really be achieved with a significant investment of money. In fact, most of the time it is simply a case of choosing the right materials, selecting items carefully and then using them smartly to achieve maximum impact with minimum investment.

Creating a luxury interior

  • What is the inspiration? Rather than starting with a completely blank canvas, it can be helpful to look for inspiration from other areas. Designers should consider what springs to mind for them in terms of design trends or maybe even historical eras when they hear the word luxury. Classic hotels and country clubs, with their subtle colors and clean lines, are a great place to start.
  • Colors and materials. Combinations of blue and silver or white and gold, usually with black trimmings, are often used to suggest luxury, while soft furnishings and decoration that displays artistic detail have a particularly luxurious impact.
  • Flooring. As the part of the room with which people have most physical contact, the floor is a great place to start, and it provides the basis on which the rest of the room design can be built. Carpet and rugs offer the opportunity to bring a variety of color and vibrancy to a room with a physical softness underfoot.

Ongoing maintenance

It is critical to consider maintenance of materials and furniture or a room can very quickly lose its luxurious qualities. Carpets are sometimes perceived as being difficult and time-consuming to maintain, but the process can be made significantly easier with a few simple measures.

  • Protection. It is important to get into the habit of taking off shoes before walking on the carpet, as this is the most common way that carpets can be dirtied or damaged. Sunlight can also age carpets, particularly those in darker colors, so closing blinds and drapes during the day can help with this.
  • Clean regularly. Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week, more if the room gets a lot of footfall. The vacuum cleaner should also be carefully maintained, with the bag or canister regularly changed to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Professional assistance. The best way to maintain luxury is to enlist the help of specialists, such as Oakville carpet cleaning, who can apply expert technique and the most appropriate technology to ensure the best results.

Luxury and practicality

Luxury is important, and most of the time a room must also be practical to live in and easy to maintain, otherwise the luxury can count for very little. With this in mind, carpets provide the best of all worlds. They have the potential to add instant luxury to a room and, if chosen carefully, they deliver this with minimal costs and easy ongoing maintenance.