Useful Habits to Learn from Clean Freaks


Note that this is not about a manic commitment to order – otherwise, it would be a completely different story with the comments of psychologists. Everyone should have a simple desire to keep their house clean. And if the very thought of cleaning doesn’t make you happy, our life hacks will probably help you at least to admit the need for this process if not to like it.

Learn to enjoy cleaning

The problem of many people is that they cannot accept the fact that cleaning is not an exhausting process and hard labor, but a very positive and useful occupation. Therefore, instead of postponing cleanliness for an unknown period, just try to turn this process into a fun activity. For example, turn on your favorite music and, in the rhythm of the dance, do all the household chores that you have on the agenda.

By the way, you can mix pleasure and use and learn to perceive routine cleaning as a way to get rid of those extra pounds thanks to physical exertion. In other words, you can avoid spending money on a subscription to a fitness club and get a dream figure by doing domestic chores.

Use the two-minutes’ rule

One of the famous theorists of productivity and personal efficiency, David Allen invented his own time management technique. The wisdom of this technique is (among other things, of course) that if it takes less than two minutes to solve a problem, you should do it without hesitation. For example, throwing things in the laundry, pressing the button of the washing machine, picking up scattered things on the floor, brushing away dust, throwing garbage, watering the flowers and other “household joys” will not take so much time from you, so why should you put them off for later? Make these actions automatic and you will not have to deal with an exhausting general cleaning – all the tasks will be done step by step.

Work a little every day

Experts urge not to store junk and not to bring the apartment to chaos. During the day, you can find 10-15 minutes to bring cleanliness to every room. For example, decide for yourself that Monday is the day when you pay attention to the kitchen, Tuesday is good to focus on the living room, on Wednesday you will clean the bedroom, and so on. This will help you to distribute the load correctly and not to lose sight of anything important. If you follow this principle perfectly, your whole house will look as if you have just invited experts from a cleaning company or have spent the whole day with a cloth and detergents.

Remove what is spilled or scattered

Another rule of cleanliness that you should take note of is to remove everything immediately as soon as you notice it. For example, you or the child have spilled something (pets have relieved nature, spoiled your favorite shoes, turned the flowers upside down, etc.), don’t leave it until better times, don’t wait for the stains to soak into the carpet or furniture upholstery or for the dirty dishes to fill the whole kitchen. You should eliminate the unpleasant consequences immediately.

If you have cooked something, wash the dishes. When the family ate their delicious dinner, let them clean the dirty plates and spoons. This is not difficult and will make your household chores a little easier.

Delegate the chores

Do not strive to embrace all the duties and take care of all the household chores, otherwise, your enthusiasm will end too quickly, and fatigue and apathy will replace it. In order not to burn out ahead of time, learn how to properly delegate the chores. In other words, familiarize your dearest with work by entrusting each of them with their own portion of duties.

Do not forget to check the result halfway, otherwise, you will have to do it all over again. For the instructions to be executed as accurately as possible, first explain to your family what you want to achieve.

Critically look around the house before going to bed

Make it a rule to once again inspect your possessions before bedtime and notice the shortcomings that you need to eliminate first. In addition, if you make sure before going to bed that all your clothes are neatly hung, the sink does not bend under the weight of dirty plates, the shoes are cleaned, the bathroom and the refrigerator look perfect – your morning will be much nicer and more comfortable, believe it or not. Otherwise, you will have to waste precious minutes to bring to order the clothes and shoes which you are going to wear tomorrow, find cosmetics that you have forgotten to put in a cosmetic bag, or find a clean cup to drink coffee and so on.