Trash the Dress Wedding Photographer in California


You look amazing in that dress that is the word that every bride always wants to hear from the congregation of her wedding with her honey, that is the day that if you have never felt butterflies in your stomach, you surely will. Everyone wants to commemorate this day with a long side honeymoon with their loved ones, the atmosphere is filled with love and you want to try everything that couples have ever set as their goals and objectives when they are getting married.

Then you don’t have to go far in order to have that couple’s adventure with him or her, trash the dress is a new trend that enables you take photos with your wedding dress any place that you have ever wished for in California, trash the dress refers to a photographic session in which you completely trash your wedding dress according to your wishes, it is obviously that many couples tend to put their wedding dresses in a safe closet and always stare at the dress for years as they value it for the rest of their matrimony, is it really fun to have the same trend that our forefathers have completely set for us even in our new trendy world, is it really worth it to watch the dress for decades in the closet, then create it until you make it, the sky is our limit to what kind session you may need, you can choose trash the dress wedding photographer in California with something very close to your heart, this is normally done by the bride but if the trash the dress is for the couple goals then the bridegroom can also pop in and trash his suit according to the couple’s wishes.

Your Choice Matters

Depending on the session the couples want trash the dress fraternity will make your wishes to come true, the place of your choice will make sure that your demands are fulfilled. For the underwater sessions you will need clean, clear water with little to no sand, silt or currents and that is why swimming pools, crystal clear cenotes of Mexico or come clear ocean bays are the ideal spots for the underwater photography session. In fact, the underwater is not the only place that the trash the dress activity can take place alone there are many places that one can surely have an epic time trashing their dresses. For instance, skiing on snowy mountain top, riding atvs in the forest, playing with paint or smoke bombs in the desert or hiking on your favorite trail are other places that can make the couple achieve their goals as a couple.

If you value your dress so much and you feel that you don’t need to trash it, we value your opinion also, it doesn’t have to because other couples like to trash their dresses and suits in an exotic place and their wedding clothes do not get ruined at all, it is not even a must that you wear your wedding clothes this the best part of it you can simply wear a white top, and buy a cheap tulle skirt online on eBay at only $10 and surely you will look amazing especially underwater.

Quality Snaps for Less

Pricing for the trash the dress session will depend on the places and the length of traveling needed to the destination of your choice. In addition, the specialized equipment needed and the type of session you would like. For more enquiries contact us at we are always here for you.