Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home


It is that time of year again – the season of open windows and deep cleaning. More than just daily cleaning tasks, spring cleaner is deeper and means completely decluttering your home. It means finding things you haven’t seen since last Halloween and figuring out that none of your children’s clothes fit. It can be tedious, but spring cleaning is a crucial step for getting out of the fog of winter.

How to Start

When you begin to clean in the spring, make a list. Write down what you want to accomplish, room by room or per project. If there any home improvement projects that need to be done, write it down. Your initial list will help you along the way, and ensure that nothing is left out of your spring cleaning adventure.

As well, if you do not have the right tools to clean with – or find that your current broom isn’t doing its job – this is a great first step. Make sure that you have everything you need to deep clean your home. This can include a mop and broom, glass and all-purpose cleaner, scrubbing powder for the toilet and the stove, and anything else you’d need to make your home feel bright again.

Disinfect Everything

Wipe down the inside and outside of your home’s windows, as there will be plenty of dirt, dust, and grime from the harsh elements of winter. If you can, wash your windows on a cloudy day. This means that the cleanser you use will not dry before you are finished. Warm weather means open windows and birds singing – only a dirty window can ruin this picturesque sight.

Clean your bathroom until it sparkles, change your shower liner, and make sure that your toilet isn’t going to scare anyone away. Tame your drains and make sure that all appliances are working as they should.

Update Food Storage

It seems daunting, but you’ll need to devote an afternoon to cleaning out your refrigerator (and standalone freezer if you have one) as well as your cabinets and pantry. Clean the outside as well as the inside by removing shelves and cleaning everything in between, throwing out any food that has perished.

In fact, you’ll want to turn your kitchen inside out during spring cleaning. It is important your kitchen remains clean for several different reasons, especially when the ants and flies of summer turning to our homes for new lodging. Watch for new friends as you clean through cabinets, appliances, and around every nook and cranny.

Declutter Room by Room

Another popular – and crucial – task for spring cleaning is to declutter your entire home. This is a large task, so be sure to take it room by room. Get rid of clothes, toys, old makeup or tools, or anything you find that you haven’t used in at least 12 months. Use junk removal services to get things out of the way – cleaning gets easier, too.

Spring cleaning is always daunting – rarely does someone look forward to it. However, it metaphorically wipes away the darkness of the cold season – after all, each spring is a new start.