Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Spectacle Marks


You wear spectacles for many reasons. It could be vision correction or just purely for fashion. Wearing glasses when you were small made you feel like a scholar. But not now, when it has become a necessity which leaves little marks and patches around your eyes.

The dark patches and spectacle marks that appear around nose and eyes could lower your confidence and make you feel less attractive. So how do you deal with these spectacle related issues? Read ahead to know more:

Generally, when you wear heavy glasses throughout your day and a with long-term usage, small marks and patches are an obvious outcome. Eyewear that is tight could also be the reason behind this. So, make sure to buy ophthalmic lenses that suit your needs from certified ophthalmic equipment manufacturers.

As and when possible, take a little rest and take off your heavy constant companions and help relax your eyes. While you take them off, try some herbal remedies:

Use Potato Peels

Love eating fries? Well, who doesn’t? But why waste the peel when you can use it for your skin and get rid of those darkened spectacle marks? The peel of the potato is useful in many aspects. After you have peeled the potatoes, grate or slice it to make a paste. Then, apply this paste generously over the dark spots and let it work its magic for some time before washing off.


Cucumber has many fantastic skin benefits. It relieves you from many types of issues including dark circles, swollen eyes, etc. Cut two slices of cucumber and apply them on the affected area and then leave it there for a little while. It will work on your marks and help you get rid of those light patches under your eyes.

Mix Honey With Milk

Use some honey with about a teaspoon of milk and apply it over the affected area. After 15-20 minutes rinse it with cold water to get the best results.

Use Aloe Vera to Gel Your Eyes

Aloe vera has got many useful cosmetic properties and works effectively to erase spectacle marks. The gel of the Aloe vera plant is very soothing to the skin. Apply this gel on the marks and leave it for some time. Apply more on the darkened areas and leave it until it dries. Then, wash off with cold water in some time. Use it regularly, and you will observe better results within a week.

Use Lemon

Lemon contains Vitamin C which is believed to be one of the most essential vitamin components for the skin. The citric acid helps to detoxify and clean all the germs and bacteria on the skin. Squeeze out fresh lemon juice, add a considerable amount of water. Take a cotton pad, pour the lemon juice over it and apply it on the affected area. Rinse after 20 minutes and see you skin glowing. Regularly applying lemon juice will bring a fresh look and make your face glowing.


Rosewater is light and natural, and therefore, it is commonly used as a natural skin toner. Rub the affected area with a soft cotton pad dipped in rose water. Then rinse the area with cold water.

Add All The Comfort & Relaxation With a Massage

Massage with soft hands around the darkened areas with a little brush of almond oil which will effectively lighten the marks and nourish your skin.

Why Use Almond Oil?

The reason is quite simple and evident when you will use it. Almond oil contains vitamin E which helps smooth your skin and nourish all the tender and ruptured cells around your eyes. However, if you recently underwent an ophthalmic laser surgery, you should avoid this.

There you go, these tips will help you get rid of the marks and leave you with glowing skin.