How to Throw a Cool Party in a Small Apartment


Celebrations and parties are inseparable. It’s great to bring together all the friends and have fun. But what if you live in a small apartment? How will you fit a few dozen people into 40 square meters of your flat? Besides, you would like to have enough space for dancing; you want everyone to feel comfortable, and you do not want any repairs after the feast. Here are five rules to follow that will help you throw a great party even in a small apartment.


1. Move furniture

The fewer things you have in the room, the more people will be able to stay there. Prepare the room for the party. Move all extra things to another room or to the balcony: bookcases, footstools, a coffee table, a TV cabinet, and so on. Do not forget about carpets: they will get stained, and you may stumble over them. Clear the space in the center and move the furniture to the walls.

2. Control the temperature

The more people, the less oxygen. Remember that.

If the heating system allows, reduce the temperature. It is ideal to have air conditioning: you can set a comfortable temperature and reduce it if you suddenly become hot. If you have no air conditioning, ventilate the room well before the guests arrive and leave the windows in the micro-ventilation mode. Cooking treats in the oven, try to finish and turn off the oven about an hour before the start of the party.

3. Select a place for your guests’ things

Your hanger in the hall is designed for only five jackets, and there will be twice as many guests. You do not know where to get two dozens of slippers. You do not want your guests to stumble over women’s handbags. Think about where to place your guests’ outdoor clothing, footwear and other things in advance.

It is easier not to hang jackets and bags. For example, you could put them on the bed in the bedroom. If there is no carpet in the apartment, and you have removed all fleecy flooring, offer the guests to wipe their boots at the entrance and stay in their street shoes. The floor can be washed, but placing a few dozen pairs of shoes in the hallway is a problem.

4. Try not to use many dishes

Normally, we prepare a bowl of salad and put the dish on our plates. Think of how many dishes you will have to wash then and discard the traditional approach.

Prepare portioned snacks that can be eaten on a napkin without plates: canapés, tartlets, and sandwiches. Besides, you can use disposable dishes for hot food and drinks.

Make sure that the sink and/or the dishwasher are empty. Emptied dirty containers should be put somewhere.

5. Reception vs feast

Some of us are used to gathering around the table. It’s fine when it comes to a family dinner or a holiday in a narrow circle. But for a noisy party including 10 or more people, it is not the best solution.

First, you need a large table with enough “seats” for everyone. And if you put a table in the middle of the room, there will be no place for dancing and games. Secondly, rule #4 will not work normally in this case.

A reception is what you need for a cool party. You should not put all the treats and drinks on the same table. Otherwise, there will be pandemonium; it will be uncomfortable and ugly. It is better to make a few areas with food and drink: cocktails on the window sill; snacks on the table in the corner; fruit on the shelf.

As you can see, you can make a great feast, even in a modest one-room flat, if you think about everything in advance.

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