How to Stop Wasting Time & Make Decisions Faster


When it is difficult to choose just one thing, you want to postpone this choice for later. But the trouble is that life goes on, and you may end up having nothing but your indecision. What is worse: a wrong decision or inactivity? Do not procrastinate any longer – do something!


We often realize that our friends waste time before making decisions. They may say “I want to write a book, but do not know where to start,” “I’d love to quit, but what will I do then?” “I always wanted to travel, but I cannot find the time.” In a sense, everything they say means just one thing: they are afraid.

30 years later, you will not remember which bread you bought at the bakery. On your deathbed, you will not care what luggage you took with you on vacation. You will not remember, whether it was better to watch a romantic comedy or an adventure film.

None of these things will matter. What will be really important is the way you acted, the things you invested in and the decisions you made. Or did not make. That is the point.

Indeed, most decisions do not change people’s lives. The Universe does not care what you eat for breakfast, and it is highly likely that you will have something to eat. Go into this issue! Of course, you will feel better if you eat eggs instead of cookies. But not all solutions are the same. On the contrary, they are often different. But most of the time you have to decide what to do.

You can, of course, make the wrong choice. But most of all, making a decision, you do not choose between this or that, you choose between an action and inaction. And most of us are afraid of choosing.

We spend time planning and setting goals that will never be achieved. We are afraid to do something wrong and get crazy about minor details. It is sad but true: we aimlessly waste the most important moments.

Better than planning

What will help to get rid of the paralyzing necessity to choose? Just start. Life is a journey, not a business plan. Stop trying to control everything. It may sound too pathetic. But what do you want more – to plan your life or to live it? Throw everything out of your head and live.

It does not matter where you are going, how much time you need to think about something. Just go. In most cases, you just need to move on towards something rather than this something that you are moving to. Stop worrying about which way to go, just go. Once you have an impulse, you can learn to manage. This is how life works.

What to do next

Your task is to grasp the opportunity instead of getting answers to all questions. If you do not know where to begin, start with small changes.

Go for a jog or a bike ride without a specific purpose. Just start this movement hoping to escape from the familiar terrain. Turn and choose every random street or footpath until you get lost. Do not worry about how to get back. Look where you find yourself. Remember that sense of wonder about where you happen to be. Remember that you need to keep going. Make an effort and try to get lost more often. You will learn to overcome difficulties every time you make big or small decisions.

Sit on the street without gadgets for an hour. Let yourself get bored and look where this boredom takes you. Maybe you will listen to the chirping of birds? The wind howl? Your own breathing? Focus on vehicles, children, or sounds that are produced by insects. At first, do this once a week, then every other day, and then every day. One of the reasons why we postpone important decisions is that we are distracted by new things. Distraction is not compatible with determination. Give yourself a break from the noise, and it will help you get tuned for the choice you have to make.

Do something that scares you. Send your resume to another job. Tell someone that you love him/her. Invite your neighbor to a date. Laugh out loud in a public place. Start a conversation with a stranger. Climb a tree. Call the person you are angry with and forgive him. Then enjoy the feeling of getting free from fear. Remember this feeling next time when you are afraid of a big goal or a risky situation. Remember that you will not die from it. Try to simply trust the course of events in future.

Some of these tips may seem silly, but the more you follow them, the more you will learn to control your feelings. The truth is that we cannot control life, but we can participate in it. The things that we expect to spin out of control can be managed more often than we think.

Just remember: it is direction rather than destination that is important.

If you do not know what to do with your life: what book to write, what song to sing, what job to choose, what person to invite, try to choose at least anything. It is not a perfect solution, but at least it is a good start. The truth is that when you start to move, you can always change the direction.