How to Become an Effective Liar


As a matter of fact, the best liars lie quite seldom and never admit it. This article will tell you more about other secrets of the art of lying.


In childhood, we are taught that one must not lie. Never. However, it often happens in life that school lessons are refuted, and we often understand that there is no life without lies. Tireless British researchers have conducted a research and claim that every adult tells a lie about 88 thousand times in his/her life!

The list of the most common lies includes, of course, our favorite “Good to see you”, “I’ve got no money. I’m broke” and “Thank you, I really like it.” This means everybody lies to everyone. Always. But some people do it well, making it easier for themselves and delighting others, while others fail to lie well, bringing only pain and suffering to everyone around them.

So how do you learn to lie easily and in a nice and safe manner? Just as any other activity, telling lies has its own secrets and unwritten laws.

1. A little lie and a big lie both require the same attention

This is one of the main rules, which future masters of lies have to learn. You must always remember each deception you create, regardless of its value, and build your future behavior on that basis. However, some people think that it is enough to remember only their major lies, while cases of a little lie do not deserve any attention. This is a popular mistake made by inexperienced liars. Having piled up a mountain of lies, they forget what, when and to whom they said.

So try to remember even the smallest details. Since human memory is not unlimited, and you cannot remember everything, the main rule is as follows:

Lie as little as possible. This is the only way to achieve credibility.

2. Use distractions and shifting

Real masters of deception are like Spanish matadors: they draw out their sword at the crucial moment and strike just once. The remaining time is spent to skillfully distract the victim with the help of accurate movements and the red cloak. The art of lies relies on similar methods, and skillful shifting of the interlocutor’s attention to another object or changing the topic of conversation sometimes eliminates the need to lie. Think carefully about the line of your behavior to avoid telling lies. Try to lie with measure: unskillful use of a muleta can cost a matador his life!

3. Practice

Practice is needed in any field. Such an important thing as lying makes it necessary to practice. Since it is not very humane to practice on other people, we will train on ourselves. Stand before a mirror and repeat your lies until it sounds very natural. An ideal way would be to convince ourselves of the truth of our words.

The perfect lie is the one which you personally believe in.

4. Do not make excuses and do not admit anything

If you are suspected of lying, the worst thing you can do is to start justifying yourself, inventing some fresh and new lie. If the building sways, you need to escape from it, instead of trying to hurriedly build some new floors on top of it. Therefore, you should react to all the charges with proud offended silence or shift to another topic.

As for the “voluntary surrender”, it resembles a direct shot in the head. Quite often, there are situations when the truth is equally detrimental to both sides, and the person accusing you, despite all the arguments, would not want to hear it, just like you. Never give up, even when you are pinned to the wall. Be true to yourself, contrary to logic, evidence, and common sense.

5. Do not tell lies to those whom you love and are loved by

You can think about your behavior strategy for many moves ahead. You can train your brilliant acting skills and develop the most plausible tone in front of the mirror. You can find an alibi, a witness, a second line of defense and some escape routes.

But they still know the truth. It goes beyond any scientific explanation, and we do not believe that one can feel it with his/her heart or see in a dream. Let us put it another way: there is a specific nonverbal psychophysiological contact between some people, due to which they unconsciously feel the slightest change in each other’s status. Therefore it is better not to try. Your attempt at lying will fall pitifully flat.

What secrets of successful fraud can our readers share? Just be honest!


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