Glycerol Use around the House


Glycerol is an indispensable product in cosmetics. It softens the skin. But you can also find a clever use of glycerol at home.


  1. Parquet or laminate will shine if you wash it with a little glycerol added to water.
  2. Bright berry stains are washed off easily, if you use glycerol and leave it for an hour. Then remove it with salty water.
  3. Dust will not accumulate on mirrors and lacquered furniture, if you use water with glycerol to wash them.
  4. Tea and coffee stains disappear without a trace – you just need to apply a mixture of salt and glycerol on the stain. As the stain is bleached, remove the solution and wash the thing in the washing machine.
  5. Shabby places on leather things will be less noticeable if you rub them with glycerol.