Five Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Instagram Shots


Posting on Instagram is a simple hobby for some, and it’s a way of life for others. It’s a popular place for fashion and beauty, it’s a great place to fill up on cute animal pictures, and much more.

No matter why you use Instagram, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your shots. After all, Instagram is all about the picture!

Fortunately, getting the perfect shot is easier than you might think.

Use a Mirrorless Camera

It’s true that it’s extremely easy to take a quick snap with your cell phone and post it to Instagram. It’s also true that phone cameras are better than they have ever been before, but they will never compare to using a mirrorless camera.

A high-quality camera has way more settings and options than a cell phone. That means using a mirrorless camera requires some research, plenty of practice, and a little skill, but once you learn all of your setting options, you’ll get much better snaps than if you used a cell phone.

Why use a mirrorless camera as opposed to a traditional digital camera? Although they can both provide high-quality shots, mirrorless cameras weigh less and are less bulky, making them much easier to take with you on your Instagram adventures.

Gussy Up, but Not Too Much

If you’re taking pictures of yourself on Instagram, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your makeup and what you’re going to wear. Although you may be tempted to cake on the makeup and wear two layers of Spanx, you’re better off looking a little more natural.

There are many great reasons to wear less makeup:

  • You’ll spend less time getting ready to take pictures, and more time taking them
  • You’ll feel more like yourself in your photos
  • It enables you to connect with your audience in a more authentic way

Of course, there are exceptions. If your Instagram is all about over-the-top looks, then by all means, cake on the makeup. However, even those Instagrammers can benefit from stripping it all off and showing a fresh faced look in an effort to pull back the curtain.

Edit Your Photos

Just like it’s easy to take Instagram pictures with your cell phone, so to is it easy to edit your pictures in Instagram. However, just like you’re better off using a mirrorless camera, so too are you better off using editing software before you use Instagram’s filters.

Using a third-party Instagram editing app can enable you to make changes that you can’t do directly in Instagram. For example, you can play with clarity and contrast to make your image lighter and brighter, which almost always looks better when posted on social media.

Post What You Like

It’s easy to get caught up in Instagram’s world of never-ending pictures and posts. Before long, you may start to feel like you have to post certain kinds of images, or you have to post a certain number of times. After all, it’s recommended that you post once or twice a day.

You don’t have to get caught up in Instagram’s rapid-fire mentality. Instead, you should always focus on posting what you like.

If you like the photo, post it. Chances are, you’ll find an audience. It may not amass a following as large as some other Instagram accounts, but you’ll be authentically you, which makes posting on social media a lot more fun.

Life gets busy. Post when you can, but definitely don’t think you have to post once or twice a day. In short, do Instagram by your rules and no one else’s.

Tell a Story

Telling a story is important when it comes to your Instagram account. That means uploading photos that look like they go together. For example, if your Instagram account is all about fashion, it’s going to look weird if you start posting about food.

You can go even further by exploring Instagram’s grid layout options. You can set things up so your feed looks like a checkerboard, you can go row-by-row, and much more. By arranging your images within your news feed, you can create a striking page of images that acts like your very own online gallery.

Getting the perfect Instagram shot isn’t rocket science. It’s supposed to be fun! With the tips on this list, you can fill your feed with beautiful images that are representative of who you are. You just may get a few new followers in the process!