Essential Beauty Products You Should Bring When Camping


Being in the woods while camping does not have to mean that you don’t have to feel beautiful! Glamorous camping is possible, and in this article, we will go through some essential items to make you enjoy the wilderness even more!

Looking not yourself may be an issue for you, and we wholeheartedly support bringing some “low maintenance” makeup and beauty products! We do suggest that you should keep the makeup minimal while you’re in the great outdoors.


We can’t stress enough how vital sunscreen can be. The minimum should be SPF 25 for your face and body, and as you know, you should layer it frequently. Even if you are in a region where it is not too hot, the sun can burn you. We also suggest packing some sun balm!

Face and Shower Wipes

The field shower or the bucket with water can pose a bit of a problem when wanting to clean yourself in the right way. Makeup remover and the darkness do not mix that well, and the flashlight might be too complicated to hold!

To remove this hindrance, just bring those face wipes that will make your clean up session much easier! Be sure not to buy the strongly scented ones, as perfume will attract bugs and mosquitoes!

With the shower wipes, the idea is the same. Without running water, showering can be a bit tricky. Your camping buddies will also thank you a lot for having shower wipes!

Insect Repellent

We really need to emphasize how important it is to bring this with you on the trip! Bug and mosquito bites can be real trouble! They will itch, and you won’t be able to sleep! Next to that, maybe you will want to scratch your arm off! An absolute necessity, you should choose a bug spray that is made of essential oils rather than strong chemicals! You should be able to spray it on your face and skin at the end of the day!

Plastic Makeup Bag

It would help if you had an excellent place to keep all your things in one place. Bigger or fancier makeup bags are good, but they may get wet or dirty more quickly. The classic, plastic makeup bag is perfect for this occasion. You can see all your items, and it can’t get wet! Perfect for camping!

Dry Shampoo

If your hair gets quickly messy and tangled, dry shampoo will come to your rescue! Not brushing it can be an issue, a combo of a good brush and dry shampoo will keep it straight and clean.

Some more tips for your hair that are not related to products would be that you always have a bandana around that can prove useful and cool, and braids are still a perfect solution for any hair, of course, if you have enough hair!

Sleeping Mask and Ear Plugs

Well, these are not cosmetic, per say, but they can be essential to your look! You don’t want to be sleep-deprived, and camping can be a bit hectic and loud. Be it that your sleeping mate is snoring, or the people close by deciding to wake up really early, these two will help! Available at every grocery store, you may be very thankful for having those with you!

With this, we hope that we covered some basics, but if you need perhaps need more straightforward advice on camping gear and not just beauty products, you can use as a great resource page on camping!