Dress Your Way to a Positive First Impression


First impressions are everything. Many experts believe it takes as much as six months of regular contact with someone to reverse a first impression (good or bad).

So the question is: Are you taking the first impressions you give off seriously enough?

Four Tips for Making Better First Impressions

According to sales expert Brian Tracy, your clothes are responsible for 95 percent of the first impression you make on other people. Grooming, hairstyle, mannerisms, and verbal expressions make up the remaining portion.

Furthermore, you have only about 15 to 30 seconds, roughly, before most people will have formed their first impression of you. Thus, most folks are judging you before you open your mouth to speak.

In light of this fact, here are some vital steps you can take to make a positive first impression via style, fashion, and attire.

Buy Clothes That Fit

Most people are walking around in clothes that are either too small or too big for them. Very few folks actually understand what size they should be wearing.

This is a problem that’s only exacerbated by the fact that most people shop for clothing online (where it’s impossible to try things on in a dressing room). To buy clothes that fit, go shopping in stores.

More specifically, browse department stores where you can look at mannequins and study what they’re wearing. These guys (and gals) have been carefully dressed by designers and fashion experts. They’re like a human-sized cheat sheet.

“Look at the way the clothes are hung,” style advisor Scott Dunstall suggests. “Is the shirt one you tuck in or not, and depending on which, how does the rest of the outfit reflect that look? Look at the photographs of the models on the walls. They aren’t there for decoration. Look at the way the models wear the clothes. You’ll notice that the merchandise is close to or under the pictures.”

Once you find an outfit you like, locate the specific items the mannequin is wearing. Select the size you think you wear, as well as a size smaller and a size larger.

Take all of these items into the dressing room and try them on. If you like what you see, buy them! When your wardrobe has the right clothes with the right fit, it’s much easier and far less effort to dress to impress.

Dress From the Ground Up

For both men and women, shoes make the outfit. If you want to look good and make strong first impressions, you need to wear quality shoes.

“The quality of the shoe and the way that it’s actually made means that if you take good enough care of it — you polish it so it holds the leather — these shoes will last you anywhere from a decade to a lifetime,” tailor Julian Lichtenstein advises.

Some fashion experts even suggest starting with the shoe and basing your outfit around it… rather than getting dressed and then selecting your footwear. But regardless of which you do, the shoe plays a critical role in your overall look.

Wear a Nice Watch

Your watch says a lot about you. It can send out a signal that you’re wealthy or successful, among other things. And guess what? Watches aren’t just for men.

Women should place just as much priority on their wristwatch—particularly in the corporate world. Companies like Vincero offer beautiful watches that blend classic design with trendy style.

Think About Your Colors

If you’ve never spent any time researching color psychology, we highly recommend it. You’ll learn a lot about how colors influence perceptions… both inside your brain and among the people you come into contact with.

The shades of your clothes have an effect on yourself and also provide a particular impression to those you meet. For instance, yellow is believed to be associated unconsciously with warmth (Sun) and friendliness.

Put Forth Your Best Version of You

You might be one person, but you have different versions of yourself that you put forth at various times. If you know you’ll be meeting someone new, it’s imperative to put forth your best version — the version that people like the most. Don’t be fake; just be you.

When you’re mindful of what you wear and how you carry yourself, you can increase your chances of building positive and powerful relationships — personally, professionally, and romantically. Good luck!