9 Kind Tips from Mother Teresa


Wars are constantly taking place in the world; there are acts of terrorism and revolutions. People argue and disagree. But one can be above it all, if he/she follows 9 kind tips given by Mother Teresa.


  1. People are often stupid and stubborn, self-centered and illogical. Keep forgiving them.
  2. If you are kind, people will accuse you of the fact that you are hiding greed under the guise of kindness. Despite everything, remain good.
  3. If you have succeeded, you will be surrounded by false friends and true enemies. Achieve success.
  4. If you are honest and straightforward, people will cheat you. Anyway, be honest and open-minded.
  5. The things that took you years to build can be destroyed by someone overnight. Keep building.
  6. If you are calm and happy, you will be envied. Still remain happy.
  7. The good that you have done today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good things anyway.
  8. Give the world the best of what you have, and the world will ask for more. Do not stop sharing the best you have.
  9. Eventually, people will not need what you are doing now, my friend. It is only you and God who need it.