8 Ways to Use Silica Gel at Home


How often have you found little bags with strange white balls when buying shoes? As a child, you may have thought it was the glue in case the shoes tear. You got to know it could not be dissolved in water, and you did not dare to warm it. Luckily. It is a very explosive stuff. But still it is very useful! It is called “silica gel”. In order to prove that this is a necessary thing, we have described eight ways to use it.


1. Taking care of the razor blade

If you are a representative of the male sex, it is likely that your dad should have taught you to shave. Some dads tell their children not to keep the razor blade in the bathroom because it gets dull due to moisture. Take a plastic cup (for example, such as the one used for storing toothbrushes) and put some silica gel there. Keep your razor in this cup, and the moisture will not spoil it.

2. Drying shoes

In autumn, winter and spring, our shoes get wet very often. Silica gel will help speed up the drying process. Put a few packets of silica gel in your shoes and just wait.

3. If your cell phone gets wet

We always keep our phones close at hand. As a result, they can be found in bathrooms, sinks, and even toilets. And not every modern phone is reliably protected from moisture. Therefore, after your phone gets wet, you need to quickly get the battery and the SIM-card out and drop the phone in silica gel or rice for 8-10 hours. This will save your phone from death and will protect you from unexpected expenses.

4. If the camera is fogged

Those who are engaged in photography or just often take pictures know that the camera lens can get fogged. And this is not the most favorable condition for the normal camera performance. Throw a few sachets of silica gel in the photo bag, and it will quickly get rid of excess moisture in your camera.

5. Eliminate the smell in a sports bag

We all love sports. And many of us keep the uniform in a specially designed bag or backpack. After a couple of weeks of active sports, the bag begins to smell unpleasant. This is due to the wet uniform and athletic shoes. Put a few sachets of silica gel in the bag, and the problem will be solved.

6. Taking care of cutlery

Do you use silverware? Then you know the unpleasant feeling when you notice that your silver has darkened. This happens because of the cursed oxidation process, for which water is the best friend. Have you guessed what to do? That’s right! Throw some sachets of silica gel to the place where you store cutlery – and forget about the problem.

7. Storing seeds

If you have a garden or a vegetable garden, you know very well how hard it is to save the seeds dry during the winter. They easily absorb any moisture, which is abundant in the air. As in all other cases, you just need to store seeds with silica gel.

8. The smell of damp clothes

Do you travel frequently or go on business trips? Don’t you have time to dry your clothes? The clothes can be ironed without steam, and they will quickly become dry. But not completely. And as a result, there may appear a very unpleasant smell of dampness. Just as in the case with sports things, you can keep your clothes together with silica gel, and the smell will quickly disappear.

Now, as you know so many ways of using silica gel, you will not throw it away.