7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Truly Memorable


Perhaps you’ve heard a bride lament about what she wishes she had done differently for her wedding. Many of us have also been to many weddings that were lackluster and dull.

You don’t want yours to be that way; you want to create an event that will truly stick out in the minds of your guests. Here are seven things you can do.

1. Pay Attention to Details

Details matter more than you might recognize during the planning process. When the event transpires, you might be amazed by how much the décor, flowers, furniture, ambiance, and venue all contribute to the overall success.

This is a huge undertaking, obviously, so it’s worthwhile to hire a wedding planner. At the very least, think about using a décor and design service to shape your hopes into a cohesive event.

It’s more likely to be successful, and you might even save money, thanks to the connections and efficiency supplied by a hired service.

2. Choreograph a Dance

This has been done before, on many occasions, so try to avoid a generic, copy-cat show. Instead, create your own choreography to one of your favorite songs.

You can perform a classical dance or choose upbeat hip-hop moves; it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s original and well-rehearsed. Your guests will love watching a choreographed dance, and you’ll have a blast performing it!

3. Choose a Unique Wedding Venue

A lot rides on the location of the event. The details and décor will mean very little if you end up hosting your reception or ceremony in a dumpy place that lacks elegance.

Shop around for a fine wedding venue that will meet your needs. Consider doing the ceremony somewhere off the beaten path, such as in a rustic barn, a towering mansion, or a botanical garden… or on a lakeshore.

4. Have a Photo Booth

Is there any better way to preserve memories than through photos? Set up a classic photo booth, complete with an on-theme backdrop and amusing props. Hire a professional or ask a family member to be the designated photographer.

Encourage your guests to use the photo booth by standing in it yourself. You and your new spouse can create fun and engaging memories with each other, friends, and family members in front of this interactive display.

5. Create a Wedding Hashtag

Guests will probably be taking photographs all night long with their phones. They’ll post them to social media, but they might not tag you in them.

You can collect photos of your party by asking guests to use a custom hashtag. Each time they take a photo, ask people to post it to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with your hashtag (i.e., #johnsonsamsonwedding). You can go online later and browse through all the fun photos of your happy occasion.

6. Book Excellent Entertainment

No one wants a boring wedding reception, but many end up that way because the entertainment was poorly planned or executed. You can avoid becoming a dull, unpleasant memory in the minds of your guests by booking amazing entertainment ahead of time.

You can stick with the typical entertainment, of a band or D.J. that plays music, or you could venture outside the box. You might choose to include fireworks, sparklers, a disco party, or even a magic act. It’s up to you to choose a show you and your guests will value.

7. Send Home a Thank-You Favor

It’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to send their guests home with a small gift of gratitude for their support. Not all weddings maintain this charming tradition when the wedding party seeks to simplify plans and cut costs.

You can bring this tradition back by creating a great memory and expressing your gratitude to guests with a unique party favor such as magnets, jars of wine, matchbooks, tea towels, key chains, soaps, and more. Personalize the item of your choice so it bears the name of the occasion and your thanks.

You don’t have to stay in the traditional rut when it comes to planning the wedding. You can use your imagination to step beyond the usual expectations and create the event you’ve always dreamed about.

It can be a happy memory for you and all your guests if you plan it right.