7 Ways to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer


How to prolong the life of flowers? There are few secrets of how to keep wonderful flowers and their fragrance as long as possible.


1. Use warm water

Put your fresh-cut flowers into the water at room temperature. Cold water is worse absorbed by the stems.

2. Use preservatives

Special preservatives, prolonging the life of cut flowers are sold in flower shops. Add them into the water. In fact, you can make a preservative yourself. Use two ingredients: sugar and vinegar. Sugar nourishes, and vinegar prevents the growth of bacteria. You only need a few drops of vinegar and a pinch of sugar per liter of water.

3. Bleach

It can also be used as an antibacterial component. It prevents the growth of bacteria. Use a quarter teaspoon of liquid bleach per liter. Flowers stay fresh longer.

4. Change the water regularly

Change the water every few days, because the stems produce elements contributing to the growth of bacteria and rotting.

5. Trim stems at an angle

This allows the stems to absorb water easily.

6. Flowers need enough space

Too many flowers in one vase can be detrimental to them. Flowers need to breathe and be freely arranged in a vase so that air circulates around each flower.

7. Cut the flowers in the morning or evening

If you grow flowers at home, and you cut them yourself, then do it better at certain time – either early morning or late evening. Never cut flowers during the heat of the day – such a bunch will not survive for long.