32 Best Home & Vacation Life Tricks


There is nothing better than short life hacking tips that may slightly or radically improve your life. Have you got anything to add? Leave your tips in the comments to this post.


  1. To find out the girl’s age without asking the question directly, ask who she is according to the eastern horoscope. The error is plus or minus 12 years.
  2. To turn on the electricity in the hotel room, you can use any plastic card.
  3. If you need to quickly cool hot tea or coffee, put 3-4 teaspoons or 1-2 tablespoons in the cup.
  4. The neck of a plastic bottle measures the exact portion of spaghetti for one person – exactly as much as one needs!
  5. Take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator before going to the supermarket, not to buy what you already have.
  6. To fit a lot of dishes onto a small table, arrange the treats in two tiers, using utensils with long-leg stands.
  7. If you heat the pan with salt, food will not stick when cooking.
  8. Auto life hack: an arrow near the filling station icon indicates which side the filling tank mouth is.
  9. Start packing for the trip not with a general list of “What to take”, but with the list of “What I can manage without”. You will simplify the task considerably.
  10. If you want to disguise the flaws of wooden furniture, rub it with shelled walnuts.
  11. Have you started a repair? Put a paper gum on the paint bucket, and it will be easier to remove excess paint from the brush.
  12. For the people not to blink on a group photo, tell everyone to shut their eyes and open them when you count to three.
  13. If you notice that the letters on the website have suddenly gone capital, press CTRL+0. This will return the default scale of the page.
  14. If you want to enjoy a movie on the plane in your headphones, do not insert the plug to the end. You will get a “stereo” sound then.
  15. Have you moved into a new apartment with no wardrobe? Screw a curtain-rod on the wall, and you will have where to hang clothes.
  16. If the electricity is turned off and your phone is charged, use it and a bottle of water to make a lamp: just put a container with water on the phone and switch on the backlight of the screen.
  17. If you do not know what present to give, say you have already bought a gift and ask the person to guess what it is. Most likely, she/he will list the most wanted things.
  18. Use the keyboard shortcut Alt+/ to quickly find a desired function in the Google Drive menu.
  19. Always make photo backups. It is better to use iCloud or Google+. If you lose your camera, you will at least have the shots.
  20. If you want to get small bills from an ATM, withdraw small sums like $40 and so on.
  21. To save a gym bag from the unpleasant smell, put a couple of tea bags in it.
  22. If you run the command / set options+ HISTORY_DISCLOSED in Skype conversation, new users will be able to read the previous posts.
  23. To quickly cool the liquid in a freezer, wrap the bottle with liquid into a wet paper towel.
  24. In case of an emergency, you can light wax crayons. One crayon can burn for 30 minutes.
  25. If you want to make a perfectly round fried egg, use onion rings.
  26. Use Wi-Fi search to find out, if the light is turned off in the entire house of just in your apartment.
  27. A life hacking tip for men: women’s shaving machines are sharper and last longer.
  28. If you do not want to lose buttons on your clothing, smear the threads with transparent nail polish.
  29. If you need to light fire, use plain chips: they burn perfectly well.
  30. To wash paint off your hands, they must be greased with any hand cream first.
  31. To quickly wake up in the morning, close your eyes with all the force for 20 seconds and then open them. After that, you will not want to sleep.
  32. Is there anything you can add? Leave your tips in the comments to this post.