15 Things You Do not Have to Explain to Others


Many of our decisions trigger questions and comments from others. Family members, friends and even strangers somehow always have an opinion about how we should behave and look, with whom to communicate and how to build relationships. Sometimes these people go as far as to demand explanations about your personal life choices. However, you do not have to justify yourself to anyone.


1. You do not need to explain your life situation to anyone

If you are in a civil marriage, rushing from one rented apartment to another, or living with your parents, even though you are no longer twenty, you do not have to report to anybody why you do so. If you are fully aware of your life situation, it means that you have your own reasons to go on like that, and it does not concern anyone.

2. You do not need explain your life priorities to anyone

You have your own ideas about the comfort and happiness of your loved ones and yourself – that’s your main priority. Since we are all unique individuals with different values, dreams and aspirations, one person’s priorities will always be different from another’s. You determine yours, and you are not accountable to anyone.

3. You do not have to apologize if you do not regret

If you do not regret your actions, if you still think that someone was wrong, or you don’t need forgiveness, do not apologize. Many people apologize too quickly to heal the wounds that are not yet ready for this “treatment.” This can only worsen the situation. You do not really need to ask for forgiveness if you do not feel guilty.

4. You do not have to justify yourself to anyone for the time spent in solitude

Many are afraid to look “rude”, “anti-social”, “arrogant” if they cancel plans or refuse invitations because they need some time alone, to relax, recharge their batteries, or simply read a good book. In fact, these timeouts are absolutely normal, useful for most of us. Take them with confidence and do not bother about explanations.

5. You are not required to accept anyone’s personal beliefs

Just because someone talks passionately about their beliefs, you do not have to sit and nod in approval. If you do not share their ideas, it would be unfair to yourself and others to pretend that you agree with them. It is better to object calmly than to accumulate disapproval and disappointment.

6. You do not have to say “yes”

You have every right to say “no” if there is no good reason for consent. The greatest success in all areas is reached by the people who have mastered the art of rejecting what is not their priority. Accept the kindness of others and be thankful, but feel free to say “no” to anything that distracts your attention from your main goals.

7. You do not have to make excuses for your appearance

You may be fit or plump, tall or short, cute or plain, but you do not need to explain why you look like this. Your appearance is only your business, here you owe only yourself. Do not let your appearance define your self-esteem.

8. You do not need to explain to your eating habits

There are certain foods that you just don’t like for different reasons – from their taste to their impact on your health. If someone is pestering you with the question why you eat (or do not eat) certain foods, do not pay attention and answer that you feel good eating this way.

9. You do not have to report to anyone about your sex life

If you are in an intimate relationship with an adult by mutual agreement, it’s nobody’s business where, how and when you have sex. You can wait to get married, have casual relationships, and even experiment with a person of the same sex – as long as you get pleasure and it does not harm anyone, it is only up to you.

10. You do not need to explain your career or personal choices

Sometimes circumstances force us to choose between work and personal life. This decision is not always easy, and you can choose to work in the end – not because you do not care about your family, but because this choice will give you security in the future. In any case, you do not have to explain to others why you chose the profession (or vice versa), if you are sure you are doing everything right.

11. You do not have to explain your political or religious views

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Catholic, Protestant or Muslim, this is your personal choice. You do not have to explain your faith. If someone cannot accept you the way you are, that’s the person’s problem, not yours.

12. You do not have to explain why you are lonely

Married or not, it should not concern anyone but you. Loneliness is not a personality disorder. You are free to choose whether to start a relationship or not. Just remember: you are not defined by your marital status. It is not necessary to pin useless social labels on yourself and others

13. You do not have to go out on a date with anyone just because you were asked to

Someone can be sweet and nice, but you do not have to go out on a date with him or her. If you feel deep down that you do not need this date, then do not make it. Find a reason for rejection and do not change your decision.

14. You do not need to explain your decision about marriage

Whether you want to get married and have children or remain childless and free, it will be your personal decision. Even if your mom raves about grandchildren, she will have to live with your life choice, however difficult it may be.

15. You do not have to explain your choice of a relationship

Sometimes people make inappropriate comments about your romantic relationship. Surely someone will say that you are “not a perfect match,” or that you need to look for someone else. Nevertheless, in this matter, you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. Live a life of your own and never break or preserve a relationship just because someone tells you to do so. Make mistakes and learn from them – this is life.