10 Smart Ideas to Organize Your Home


Organization of space in the apartment is not an easy task for even the most meticulous personalities. We may lose keys, our favorite cup or a comb quite often. To simplify your life in such situations, we decided to share with you 10 ideas that will help make your house more organized.


  1. In the evening, always prepare your lunch for work (or at least the food for it), clothes and everything that will come in handy the next day. Recollect how you prepared your school bag – it’s a great method of self-organization!
  2. Find a special place in the house near the door for the purse, bag, mobile phone and keys, and you will never forget these most necessary things. You can also store an umbrella there, which is always “inconspicuous” in bad weather.
  3. Think about your breakfast in the evening and prepare the necessary foods.
  4. In the bathroom, be sure to hang a large shelf and place all your bath accessories according to your likes. In the morning, you will not rush in search of the foam, hair dryer, and hair spray.
  5. Use magnetic strips. In the bathroom, you can use them to attach tweezers, scissors and nail clippers, the keys will be attached in the hallway, and knives in the kitchen.
  6. Arrange general cleaning every month and throw out unnecessary things. If you doubt their need – remember how many months ago you first thought about how to get rid of them!
  7. Hooks are certainly needed in the kitchen and in the bathroom not to store piles of towels.
  8. Use your drawers and boxes – for cosmetics, jewelry, and hairpins. The same applies to the kitchen – keep cereals, spices and other small products in boxes or containers.
  9. Hang a clock in the bathroom and kitchen – in these rooms, time is always running faster, and that is why you are often late!
  10. Use one extension as a base for all chargers. There will be much fewer cords in the house, and the chargers will not get lost.