SDJ-02: Climate Controlled Self Drying Jacket


Sometimes artwork determines the future development of engineering and technology. The cult “Back to the Future” trilogy led to the creation of self-lacing shoes, hoverboards, and flying cars. Falyon Wearable Tech has presented the second version of McFly’s famous red-and-gray jacket called SDJ-02, equipped with most of the features from the movie. It is an improved version of the SDJ-01 model released in 2015.

The jacket is equipped with three heating elements, one located on the back and two in the front pocket area. There is forced ventilation to improve air circulation (two intakes located at the bottom of the jacket on each side pump air into special ventilated inserts). The offline mode is supported by a battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh. It is supplied with USB and allows you to charge your mobile gadgets – there are sealed pocket for these.

The arrangement of the heating elements will keep your hands warm in the pockets. The joint work of the air intakes and the heating system provides efficient drying. SDJ-02 is made of artificial, water-repellent nylon outside and polyester filler inside. The air supply system allows not only to warm the owner and to dry a wet jacket but also to ventilate and cool the user, preventing him or her from overheating. The product will appear in three color options: black, silver metallic and the exclusive red-and-gray, like in Back to the Future movie. The cost of SDJ-02 starts from $119. The original-style jacket will cost $199.